Asti Infotech offers innovative and user-friendly solutions for the Education sector. One of the major concerns for parents and education institutions today is ensuring the safety of students from the moment they leave for school, till the time they are safely back home.

Trakom assures complete safety of children while commuting to school through real-time GPS tracking of school buses. It also offers RFID tracking of students while boarding and alighting the bus thereby ensuring automated attendance per route. The advanced GPS tracking solution sends timely updates and notifications to parents about start timings, change in route or delays.

Parents are assured of the safety of their wards even within the school premises through RFID tracking. The system generates timely alarms for school admin and parents if the students are missing from class, enter restricted areas or leave school before scheduled time. This ensures timely action and prevents any mishaps or wrongdoings by students or teachers. Thus Trakom achieves the goal of a secure environment for students and complete peace of mind for parents.

Timely exchange of information and bridging the communication gap between school authorities and parents is also the need of the hour for Education sector. Trakom thus goes a step further to facilitate seamless communication between parents and school authorities through the Smart Communication feature. It helps in timely sharing of all important information thereby saving time and efforts on both ends. Mentors can log in to the App to chat with parents, sharing information like scheduled activities, news feeds, homework, etc. The App has a range of useful features like group chat, individual chat, notice board, and in-App attendance.

To enable further enhancements in the system, Trakom also includes smart analytics and a range of reports which help the parents and school authorities.

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