Manually managing a fleet of trucks, buses, or taxis is a herculean task for transportation companies. Transport administrators of most companies struggle to handle the needs of a growing workforce commuting by office cabs or buses. Asti Infotech’s fleet management system is the perfect solution for all such transport management woes. It uses the power of GPS vehicle tracking for real-time monitoring and updates of the fleet.


Our focus has been on solving actual problems that employees and employers face on a daily basis while trying to smoothly manage the daily commute to and from work. The real-time tracking of fleet along with instant notifications, alerts and reports add great value to smooth management of the transportation.


The employees are assured of a better planned and safe commute with notifications about ETA, delays or change in route. They can conveniently request for a cab with a single click and can also share the ride details with family. Alarm and panic button send alerts to admin in cases of emergency thereby enhancing security and avoiding any mishaps.



Live GPS vehicle tracking system enable the admin to do live monitoring on the map so that accurate location of shuttles can be determined. New drivers can use fleet management solution to know the routes and stoppages to a particular location.

Within a single dashboard, the transport admin can handle different tasks like tracking arrivals, and departures, route planning, speed & fuel management, and driver management. The system also generates useful reports along with historical data which help in boosting productivity, reduce analytics expenses, and ensure better planning.