TRAKOM :Automated Attendance Management

RFID Based Attendance System

In keeping with the current trend of automated student attendance management systems, TRAKOM employs RFID technology to digitally mark student attendance. Attendance tracking with RFID technology provides a quick and accurate record of students’/staff’s attendance, while keeping all stakeholders informed and eliminating chances of data tampering and errors caused due to conventional manual attendance systems.

HowIt Works

The RFID solutions for schools consists of RFID detectors placed at various locations including school buses and school gates to ensure automated attendance marking of each student with timestamps.
Schools can take advantage of this system as it does not require an internet connection to work; it simply works on SIM/GPRS.
RFID chips are embedded in students’ I-cards or uniforms so whenever a student crosses a scanner location, the enter/exit information will be immediately sent to school

Benefits Of using RFID Based Attendance System

For Teachers

Eliminates the hassle of taking attendance in every class
Notify parents about absentees & share class work details
Easy to identify absentees

For Schools

Paperless operations
Eliminates manual tasks, saves time
No need for storage of cumbersome attendance registers
Automated report generation & analysis of attendance

For Students

Accurate attendance recorded daily
No need for roll no. call in every class
Any grievances about attendance can be resolved easily

For Parents

Real-time notification about student entry/exit from school or classrooms
Monthly/yearly attendance analysis/reports generated automatically
Timely alerts about child being absent from school/class

Highlights of RFID Based Attendance System

Accurate attendance tracking

As soon as the student/teachers enter the school gate or classroom gates, their attendance will be marked.

Reduced workload

Effectively maintains an accurate, redundancy free attendance report on a monthly, weekly and daily basis with no manual efforts.

Automated Leave calculation

It automatically calculates the leaves taken by students, and so is helpful towards analyzing student performance.

Why Manual Attendance Is Outdated?

Tedious & time consuming
Chances of data manipulation
Difficult to retrieve
Tedious & time consuming
Ineffective & costly

Problems with Manual Attendance

Chances of Data Manipulation

The data may be readily changed because it is manually recorded. This can lead to a variety of complications, such as erroneous attendances, incorrect entries, and so on. As a result, you may be recording proxies for a large number of pupils.

Chances of Human Error

Student attendance must be recorded, taking into account required compliance, timings, and other factors. When such jobs are carried out by hand, however, the risk of human mistakes increases.

Speed of attendance

Manual attendance takes a long time to collect all of the kids' attendance data. Furthermore, updating scorecards and correcting time entry mistakes, among other things, may take up a significant amount of your time.

Ineffective and outdated process

Manual techniques of obtaining attendance are ineffectual and are becoming obsolete as new technologies continue to become available. As a result, employing such antiquated procedures can have a substantial impact on academic operations while also being costly.

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