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Let’s Join Hands for an Enriching Partnership: Asti Infotech Channel Partnership Program

Asti Infotech has developed an impressive range of tracking solutions to cater to the growing demand for convenient monitoring of vehicles, employees, students, etc. Our solutions like Asti Fleet Management and RFID-based Student Tracking and Monitoring also address serious issues like employee safety and student security in school premises, which is a major concern today.

Our talented technical team has created customizable solutions using the latest technologies and keeping in mind actual problems that customers face. When you partner with us, you get access to our complete suite of solutions that can help you grow your business across various sectors like Education, BPO/ITES, Banking & Insurance, etc.

Huge business potential for Tracking Solutions

The entire tracking solutions industry is a sunrise industry with a promising future. Since the current market penetration levels are extremely low, there’s a huge scope and untapped market for tracking solutions. Asti’s TRAKOM GPS & RFID based student safety solution is the need of the hour now that GPS tracking for school buses has been made mandatory by the government. Thus there is a huge unmet demand for such a comprehensive solution for educational institutions.

Similarly our fleet management solution, AFM, has a huge demand not just in corporate houses with long shifts and work hours, but also for cargo trucks, courier services, etc. Wherever there is a fleet of vehicles, AFM comes in as a must-have solution for automated tracking and monitoring. Any vehicle engaged in timely delivery of men, materials, money or machines, where improvement in transit time & productivity can make a significant difference to the cost or control over logistics, is a prospect for fleet management solution installation.

Asti’s IMPRINT sales force tracking solution is sought after by Sales Managers to efficiently track and manage their sales team from the convenience of their smart phones. Thus it can cater to Banking, Insurance and other such sectors where Sales teams form the backbone of the organization.

Why Become Our Channel Partners?

Channel Partners

Access to the entire range of our tracking and other solutions. You can choose which industries you’d like to focus on and become channel partners for the relevant solutions

Channel Partners

Training and assistance by a professional team on the nitty-gritties of hardware and software details of the solution. Complete support for any queries and requirements by channel partners

Channel Partners

Choice of territory as per your convenience and preferred area of operation

Channel Partners

Flexible business model to make it a win-win arrangement for both partners