TRAKOM’s GPS/RFID-based tracking & monitoring module allows hassle-free management of your entire network of buses from a centralized dashboard. It ensures a safe commute for students, complete reassurance to parents, and improved operational efficiency for schools.
Our award-winning student safety solution enables live tracking of buses on a map, along with trip planning and route optimization of each vehicle. Paired with RFID technology, it also tracks bus boarding and de-boarding activity of each student with timestamps.

Today, parents and school authorities are increasingly concerned about the safety of children on their way to school and back home. TRAKOM’s smart features ensure a smooth & safe commute.

Highlights of TRAKOM Benefits for Schools

Admin can easily track the entire fleet of school buses in real time and see the location, traffic conditions, etc. on a live map
Admin receives alerts regarding over-speeding, route changes or unnecessary halts.
Driver App allows new drivers to easily manage routes and helps any driver with re-routing in case of exigencies
Student boarding/de-boarding information enables smart attendance.
Reports & Analytics give insights into performance efficiency of buses and individual driver behavior
Trip history allows admin to easily handle & deal with parent complaints regarding delays of buses.
Adding new students, changing routes or pick-up/drop-off points is a breeze with the centralized dashboard which has details of all children and school buses.

Why Choose TRAKOM?

Today, parents and school authorities are increasingly concerned about the safety of children on their way to school and back home. TRAKOM’s smart features ensure a smooth & safe commute.

Student Safety

Student safety is assured during their school commute. School admin and parents can constantly monitor the location of buses in real-time and take necessary action during emergency.


Drivers feel more accountable and follow driving rules as they are being constantly monitored. Chances of mishaps and accidents are minimized.


Centralized dashboard and Parents’ App allow schools and parents to easily keep track of school buses and students in transit.

Enhanced Efficiency

Route planning, optimization and safer driving practices ensure overall cost saving and improved efficiency.

Government Compliance

TRAKOM allows school to follow government compliance rules regarding GPS-tracking of school buses with simple apps to monitor student commute.

Top Features of TRAKOM School Bus Tracking

Pick-up, Drop & Proximity Notifications

Parents receive timely notifications about ETA, Pick-up and Drop-offs.

Smart Bus Attendance for Students

Complete count of student boarding/de-boarding using RFID or other cards.

Reports and Analytics.

For better planning and decisions making.

Hassle-free Routing/ Re-routing

Single click routing ,Add stops and routes with ease. Helps drivers to re-route in case of emergencies.

Live Streaming of Student Activity

Parents & school admin can monitor student safety and behavior in school buses and their classes. Offline camera solution also available.

Live Location Tracking

School admin receive real-time location updates. Parents can track status of bus and driver details from the App.

Admin Alerts

For unplanned routes, over-speeding or unnecessary halts.


Admin receive alerts if any bus crosses the geo-fenced area. Ensures student safety at all times.

Easy integration

Trakom can be easily integrated with any security hardware or access control systems.

History & Route Replay

Easy to view trip history to confirm the whereabouts of any bus or student.

Centralised Dashboard

School admin can monitor real-time location of all buses, across multiple branches.

How it Works?

TRAKOM bus tracking solution eases the burden on school administration by allowing easy management of an entire fleet of school buses and foolproof safety of students during the commute. Features like over-speeding alerts, geo-fencing, and live tracking of each bus enhance student safety and reduce the chances of any mishap.

Trakom Parents’ App

Parents App is the perfect solution for ensuring peace of mind to parents who are constantly worried about their child’s safety during school commutes. It also saves them from the constant hassle of tracking timings and delays of school buses.

Parents can easily track their child’s school bus on a live map during an active trip.

Real-time running information about the scheduled routes of the school bus.

Timely alerts about pick-up, drop-off and ETAs to avoid any rush to the bus stop or worries about late arrival.

Continuous tracking and positioning of the school bus is easy with GPS-enabled buses.

Easy to add or change pick-up and drop-off location.

RFID-based Student Tracking Solution

RFID readers installed at school gates and various other designated locations keep a check on student movement and ensure they are safe at all times.
TRAKOM also offers RFID-based monitoring of students’ activity in school buses and within the school premises. RFID card scanners in school buses read tags embedded in their I-cards or uniform, enabling accurate attendance of students and timely boarding/de-boarding notifications to parents and school admin.
Parents/guardians can be notified instantly and automatically in case their child doesn’t enter school on time or leaves school before scheduled time
School authorities can define the un-authorized/ restricted areas in school premises. In case a student enters restricted areas, the authorities are immediately notified to prevent any mishaps and to ensure students don’t bunk classes.

Available on Android and iOS

Trakom GPS tracking system is available both as Web App and Mobile App so that users can use it anytime, regardless of where they are. The web app is operated by school admin while the mobile app is for the mentors, parents and bus drivers.

Trakom for School Admin
Trakom for Parents
Trakom for Drivers

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