BPO & ITES Employees

A huge percentage of work force in our country is employed in the BPO & ITES sector. Since most of these companies support 24×7 operations, employee safety and their safe commute is a primary concern for this industry. Ensuring the safe transportation for night-shift employees is a bigger challenge and needs to be handled with great care. Manually managing the cabs, drivers and routes for all employees results in lapses in security, and causes stress and worry for the employees as well as company management.

Asti’s Fleet Management (AFM) Solution is the perfect solution for all such employee transport management woes. It is a comprehensive solution that incorporates relevant features for all stakeholders – employees, drivers, transport managers and employers. It allows real-time tracking of cabs and ensures shortest route allocation thereby reducing travel time. Employee cab requests and allocation are handled without any hassles or confusion. AFM thus helps in managing thousands of transfers within a short span of time thereby streamlining the transportation operations, ensuring safety, increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.

Fleet management system is a multifunctional platform that helps you manage the fleet of vehicles in a single dashboard. AFM facilitates convenience for transport managers by providing vehicle location tracking, fuel & speed management, driver management, employee safety measures, roster planning, route optimization and a lot more using the latest technology.

Asti fleet management is the best Corporate Transport Management & Tracking Solution which benefits corporates/transport vendors and employees. AFM is best known as one of the top fleet tracking system in India, which improves operational efficiency and cost savings. It ensures safety and a comfortable journey for the employees round the clock.
We have triumphed in the “GIC Innovation Award for tracking technology solutions” organized by the “Global IT Commune (GIC) and Talent2Success”.

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