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WhySchool ERP?

Communication in a school/educational institution is chaotic. Every day hundreds of activities take place in a school and there is a need for a secure platform for school administration, parents and teachers to interact and communicate on a regular basis.

School ERP acts as a reliable communication channel between parents, mentors and school administration through an app where information on homework, important notices, holidays and nutrition information about meals is shared seamlessly.

School ERP Solution helps in the overall management of school operations. The software helps the school authorities to smoothly handle the school functionalities without any difficulties. It connects various departments like office, finance, examination, admission cell, etc. and simplifies the tasks.

Features Of School ERP

Notice Board

Enables communication to all students or categories based on Bus Route, Class etc.

Bi-direction Messaging

Bi-directional Messaging between Mentors/Educators and Parents

App Dashboard

Parents can track the child’s progress, homework’s, holidays and other notices with a smart phone.

Benefits OfSchool ERP

Time Saving
Completely Secure
Increased Efficiency
Improved Interaction between Stakeholders
Improved Trust & Brand Building
Better Organized, Lesser Chances of Miscommunication

Components of Apps and Admin Control Panel

Admin Control Panel

Admin can broadcast notice to all student/staff etc
Amendments in rights and roles
Admin can broadcast notice to all student/staff etc

Mentor/Educator App

Individual Messages
Bi-directional Messages
Mentor can share homework, assignments etc. for particular class/section

Parents App

Individual Messages, Bi-directional Messages
Food Menu, Homework, Events, Calendar, Holidays, etc
Notice Board - notice to all students, class wise, route wise or student wise as per the need.

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