Our Solutions

IMPRINT – Field Force Performance Monitoring Solution

AI-powered field force performance monitoring solution, for enhanced efficiency and visibility of field teams.

AFM – Employee Transport Automation (ETS)​

Seamless employee transport management at your fingertips. Safety, routing, rostering, analytics and more

TRAKOM – School Security Solution

End-to-end student security with a single App, for worry-free school commute and seamless parent-school communication

VTMS – Fleet Management Solution

Enhanced fleet efficiency & visibility with multiple tracking metrics. Fleet optimisation, maintenance, fuel analytics, compliances, trip-sheets.

DialTM - Video Conferencing Solution

Video collaboration tool for seamless online communication. Customizable, easily integrated with existing ERPs and allows co-browsing as well as document verification.

Video KYC/ Video Customer Identification Solution

RBI-compliant digitized customer onboarding in minutes. Ai-driven face detection & liveness checks. Real-time document verification & geo-location timestamps.

mShop – Live Video shopping

mShop brings alive the online shopping experience through live video calls between buyers and sellers. It aims to revolutionize e-commerce by replicating personalized in-store experience.