AFM – Employee Transport Automation (ETS)

Corporate Transport Management & Tracking Solution to Improve Employee Safety

AFM: Makes daily commute safer for corporates

Asti Fleet Management is the leading employee transportation solutions which uses the latest GPS technology and IoT. The fleet management software automates all the transportation needs like fleet tracking, routing, roster, reports, billing etc. Corporate Transport Management & Tracking Solution is a well-organized tracking tool to ensure the safety and security of employees while commuting.

What is AFM?

Today, one of the major concerns of the corporate ecosphere is the safety of employees, especially women. Irrespective of the gender, they all go through numerous physical problems on a daily basis like waiting for transport, safe commute, time management, and so on. It is indeed a challenging task for the companies to manage their employees’ transportation, constant monitoring and safety.

Dealing employee transportation manually is no more an answer. With the advancement in technology, fleet management has become effortless. A fleet management software can help corporates/transport vendors in managing the fleet of taxis, buses and shuttles with the help of smart apps.

Asti provides a progressive vehicle tracking solution which is the best transport management & tracking solution for corporates/transport vendors. We have integrated the GPS technology with our fleet tracking app, Asti Fleet Management (AFM), which enables the admin to track fleets in real-time. It is a handy tool for employees and drivers as they can access everything using a smartphone

Fleet management system is a multifunctional platform that helps you manage the fleet of vehicles in a single dashboard. AFM facilitates convenience for transport managers by providing vehicle location tracking, fuel & speed management, driver management, employee safety measures, roster planning, route optimization and a lot more using the latest technology.

Our vehicle tracking system proffers the following flavours:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking which improves control over all fleet vehicles
  • Advanced safety solutions on web/mobile app to facilitate safe ride for employees.
  • Employee tracking system provides instantaneous activity alerts and prompt notifications to the admin
  • Employees while at commute, can send SOS alerts to the monitoring team on any emergency. IVR (Interactive voice response) based safe reach calls with auto escalations ensures prompt action.
  • Reduced operational errors, operating costs and manual processes.
  • When employees raise Ad-hoc and on-time request, vehicles are allocated efficiently considering optimum vehicle usage.
  • Automated route generation, optimization of employee configuration, estimation of travel time & route distance with the smart roster planning.
  • Customized/automated reports and analytics for future enhancements
  • Employees can give their feedbacks through employee transportation management app which enables driver performance analysis.
  • Streamlined communication with audit trails for conflict resolution.
  • Automated scheduling of escorts to ensure the safety of female employees.
  • Admin gets alerts and notifications on rash-driving, over speed, etc. and makes informed decisions.
  • Admin receives fleet health check alerts including DL expiry alert, vehicle registration expiry alert, non-compliance alert etc.

AFM for Employees

Our employee tracking solution comprises all the leading features and acts as an easy-to-use interface ensuring a loyal and safe travel experience for employees. AFM is designed and developed to cater diverse employee requirements which lands them on a satisfactory workspace.

Employee-centric features

  • Real Time information (ETA) of shuttles/cabs at employees’ fingertips. They can view the live location of arriving cabs.
  • Employees can raise a cab request for a period or has the option to make an unplanned trip with Ad-hoc request feature.
  • Receive communication in case of a change in route or schedule.
  • "Share your ride" feature of business vehicle tracking system enables employees to share their co-ordinates with family and friends
  • Vehicle tracking solution provides the option to add emergency contacts for SOS alerts
  • Alarm and panic button alert the transport admin and emergency contacts; sends GPS co-ordinates for immediate action
  • Driver feedback to transport department helps in performance analysis.
  • Escort for the female employees ensures safety while commuting.
  • Condensed travel time for the employees by route optimisation of the fleets.

AFM for Corporate admin/Transport manager

Web-based vehicle tracking software helps admin/transport managers to monitor and manage all employee transit activities with ease. The fleet management software is the best tool for planning routes and schedules with automated roster planning, easy vehicle allocation and meets all the employee transportation needs efficiently.

Admin-centric features

  • User-friendly dashboard for real-time monitoring. With constant monitoring on the map – accurate location of shuttles using live GPS vehicle tracking system is displayed.
  • Admin can create predefined routes - options to define one-way/circular trips through the fleet management system
  • Admins can create weekly or monthly roster as per the employee’s request. Admin can also allocate vehicle on employee Ad-hoc request.
  • Admin can view, monitor, approve/reject employee transit request.
  • Admin can easily handle the no shows/last-minute changes in the vehicle allocated.
  • Periodic reports – per trip, hourly, daily, weekly & monthly for better transportation operation insights.
  • Admin report details which includes the number of trips completed, time taken for each trip, the average time taken, shuttle usage, route usage etc.
  • Route Replay – Replays the entire trip from origin to destination and compares with the planned route
  • Analytics on usage can help plan better for enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Alerts – speed and route violations; panic/SOS alerts from employees.
  • Fleet management apps are better equipped to handle situations like breakdowns, delays, driver absence, etc.
  • Individual employee boarding/deboarding notifications to transport admin
  • Admin can communicate with the employee over Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Complete driver profile, background and contact details are readily available for any contingencies

AFM for drivers

AFM driver mobile application comes handy for the drivers. The tracking software helps them to know about the trips, employee details, routes, stoppages, etc. which makes their ride easy. The laid-back user interface of driver app helps drivers to access the information conveniently.

Driver-centric features:

  • Automated attendance for the drivers adds essence to the fleet management.
  • Driver app helps the drivers to get the details of the trips assigned, location, pick up and drop, etc.
  • If there joins a new driver/if there happens replacement of existing driver in case of emergency, fleet management app will help the driver to easily know the routes and stoppages of the shuttles
  • In case, any emergency related to road closure arises, the business vehicle tracking system which is inbuilt will suggest the best routes with a minimum number of diversions


Asti fleet management is the best Corporate Transport Management & Tracking Solution which benefits corporates/transport vendors and employees. AFM is best known as one of the top fleet tracking system in India, which improves operational efficiency and cost savings. It ensures safety and comfortable journey for the employees round the clock.

We have triumphed the "GIC Innovation award for tracking technology solutions" organised by the "Global IT Commune (GIC) and Talent2Success".


  • 1. How Asti Fleet Management ensures employee safety?
  • AFM answers employee safety and security with GPS tracking technology. Our GPS based fleet management helps the admin to track the live location of employee in transit. Employee can send SOS alert to the admin in case of any emergency. AFM also provides other safety alerts on geofence violation, over-speed driving, etc. which helps the fleet managers to take instant actions.

  • 2. How does GPS tracking work?
  • The GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on real-time location, vehicle speed, time and direction.

  • 3. Can admin track trips in real-time?
  • Yes, AFM admin panel enables real-time monitoring and also permits to view/download all the trip details.

  • 4. How can the shifts be scheduled for daily commute?
  • Smart roster planning helps planning of routes, schedules and allocate vehicles automatically.

  • 5. How can an employee request a ride in an emergency?
  • Employee can request a cab with the Ad-hoc request feature which will be approved by the admin post which cab allocation is done.

  • 6. How many vehicles can be monitored at a given time?
  • There are no such limits. Admin can track multiple vehicles with Asti Fleet Management.

Asti Fleet Management - AFM Employee App Training Video

TThis video will help the Employees to use the AFM app in the following perspectives.

  • Send/Cancel cab request
  • Managing/Editing the profile info
  • Mark/cancel Leaves
  • Locate cab


Available on Android and iOS

Fleet management system is a multifunctional platform that helps you manage the fleet of taxis, buses and shuttles in a single dashboard. A handy tool for corporate providing transportation to its employees. The fleet management system has three important set of features:

  • Employee-centric features
  • Features for Corporate Admin
  • Driver-centric features


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