Enhancing Commuting Experience in Delhi with Advanced Employee Transportation Solutions

Employee Transportation Solutions Come Rescue Making Life Easy In Hyderabad

Streamlining Office Commutes in Hyderabad: Advanced Employee Transportation Solutions Come to The Rescue

Hyderabad, the city of pearls, presents a unique blend of tradition and technology, attracting professionals from diverse backgrounds. However, navigating its bustling streets can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring efficient and safe employee transportation. With the city’s rapid growth and sprawling layout, companies operating in Hyderabad require more than just a basic transport service – they need a comprehensive solution that addresses their specific needs while enhancing overall efficiency.

Asti Infotech emerges as the leading provider of advanced Employee Transportation Solutions (ETS) in Hyderabad. Tailored to the city’s dynamic corporate landscape, Asti Infotech’s state-of-the art solution, Asti Fleet Management (AFM), revolutionizes the way companies manage their transport operations.

The end-to-end solution comprises of a comprehensive dashboard for fleet managers and easy-to-use Apps for employees and drivers. In addition to ensuring the safety and security of employees, AFM offers a range of innovative features designed to optimize every aspect of the commuting experience. For instance, specialized safety features such as Safe Reach IVR call and escort options provide added peace of mind, particularly for women employees commuting during odd hours.

Moreover, AFM’s multi-maps based routing and multi-site routing functionalities enable vehicles to navigate Hyderabad’s complex road networks with ease, minimizing travel time and enhancing productivity. Furthermore, AFM’s comprehensive approach extends to vehicle maintenance and compliance modules, along with driver behavior analysis and vendor performance analysis tools, ensuring that every aspect of the transport operation is optimized for maximum efficiency and safety. AFM also takes care of employee attendance on-the-go with a QR code/OTP based verification to automate the process.

With Asti Infotech’s AFM at the helm, companies in Hyderabad can elevate their employee commuting experience to new heights, by easing the process for transport managers, vendors and employees.

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