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Elevate Customer Experience: Co-Browsing & Calendar Scheduling Tool


The customer is King, like never before! There is no denying the fact that we are now living in the times when enhancing customer experience (CX) is the key to retaining loyalty and boosting sales & productivity, irrespective of the industry or sector. A McKinsey research reveals that “improving the customer experience has increased sales revenues by 2 to 7 percent and profitability by 1 to 2 percent.”
As per a Gartner survey, “Adding value in customer service interactions can lead to new revenue streams while also protecting existing ones. As a result, strategies that focus on enhancing value are prevalent and growing. 82% of organizations either have or plan to implement a value enhancement strategy.”

In light of the above observations, it is imperative to adopt new digital tools that add value to customer engagement and experience. A video call powered by co-browsing features holds the potential to completely transform the process of addressing customer issues and troubleshooting their specific problems in real time. Co-browsing is poised to become one of the leading tools for customer engagement for Customer Service Executives, Sales Agents, marketing teams and HR, across industries.

Co-browsing: Impressive Suite of Features

Few Facts from Forbes That EmphasizeOn The Value of Customer Experience


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