RFID Attendance Management

The best attendance management & student monitoring system for schools in India

RFID Attendance Management and Student Monitoring Solution

The automated attendance & student monitoring system is an exclusive solution developed for schools and parents which helps in overcoming student’s safety issues. A smart solution that assists schools to monitor students, automate their attendance and safeguard their lives. Track and monitor your kids with a safe and efficient tool - RFID Attendance Management and Student Monitoring Solution.


Child safety falls among the highly concerned matters for schools and parents today. Occupying students within a safe environment is the prime duty of school authorities which also enables parents to be calm & composed. Out-dated practices cannot assure the safety of kids anymore. Then, how to ensure that your child is in a safe and comfortable place? Adopting advanced technology is the best practice and a smart way to surpass these challenges. Integration of technology in schools can add value to your institution at the same time simplify complex administrative tasks. Here is an excellent tracking solution for your schools/institutions.

RFID is the latest and ultimate technology for schools and other educational institutions that make schools a better place for students. We provide Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based computerised management system that facilitates complete tracking of the student/staff in school premises. The online automated attendance management system with the RFID technology is completely wireless and digital

Asti’s School Safety solution – RFID Attendance Management and Student Monitoring Solution, ensures that students are under surveillance right from the time they enter the school gates, until the time they have left the premises safely. This intelligent tracking solution is mainly used inside the school bus or schools for automated attendance and monitoring of the student activities.

RFID in school transport - Parents will be overwhelmingly committed to safeguard their child. But the moment they see their child is off to bus, they become anxious about their safety. RFID acts as a safety tool which allows parents to stay relaxed. The RFID technology when integrated within school buses guarantees that the parents are updated about their ward’s safety. The RFID scanners installed in the school bus reads the RFID ID-cards embedded in the school I-cards/uniforms of students which automatically notifies the school authorities and parents about the boarding/deboarding information. The information is instantaneously sent to the parent’s mobile number via SMS. The combination of RFID and GPS-tracking technology further enables real-time tracking of the buses thereby reducing the stress level of parents

RFID in school - Attendance tracking with the RFID technology eliminates the conventional school attendance system. The all new system provides a quick and accurate record of students/staff’s attendance. The RFID solutions for schools consists of RFID detectors placed at various locations (including school gates, restricted areas, toilets, etc) within the school premises, facilitating the second level of security for kids. Schools can take advantage of this system as it does not require an internet connection to work. This digital attendance machine works on SIM/GPRS and the working is simple. RFID chips are embedded in students’ I-cards or uniforms so whenever a student crosses a scanner location, the enter/exit information will be immediately sent to school authorities as well as parents, which alerts them and updates about their kid’s activity.

Here are the outstanding features of the RFID monitoring system

  • We provide a comprehensive web app for school admin to deal with the student safety issues. Our RFID solution has a user-friendly dashboard which highlights the daily/ weekly reports of the student/staff attendance as a graphical representation.
  • The integrated school RFID system delivers automated reports on attendance, latecomers, early leavers, entry/exit, absentees, visitors, etc.
  • An exclusive safety tool, incorporated in the school visitor management software – Visitor Form', helps the schools to safeguard their students from strangers. This feature allows the schools to send queries to the parents about the visitor. Parents can now quickly respond to the queries and communicate with the school authorities to ensure safety.
  • Admin can effortlessly add multiple students/staff details, configure classes/batches, merge classes, and a lot more with this simple and smart solution.
  • School authorities can define the un-authorized/restricted areas in school premises and they will be immediately notified or alarmed if any student:
    • Enters an un-authorized/restricted area
    • Enters any authorized area in restricted timing, like canteen during class hours
    • Is missing from the class during class hours for more than the defined limit
    • Remains in the school after scheduled time
  • Parents receive auto-alerts on boarding/deboarding (school bus) and enter/exit (school campus) information of their child which lets to be better connected with the school.
  • Benefits of integrating RFID technology in schools

  • RFID school attendance system, set up in schools detects the unique ID of students/staff and automatically marks the attendance. Thus, automation improves the efficiency and productivity of the schools.
  • RFID gate reader for schools traces the students crossing the school gates and notifies parents promptly. These attendance data are stored in the cloud server, that can be accessed by the admin anywhere, anytime.
  • Implementing RFID technology is the cost-effective method for schools which enables optimum utilization of the resources.
  • Alarm or Alert the authorities by providing the whereabouts of a student in case they try entering the restricted area (either unknowingly or purposefully). This allows the admin to take appropriate action.
  • Benefits of RFID for parents

  • RFID student attendance system triggers automated SMS/notification to the parents regarding their kid’s school attendance.
  • Parents are constantly updated about the movement of kids inside the school premises through a smart-phone. Parents/guardians get notified instantly and automatically in case his/her child gets out of school before the scheduled time.
  • The RFID system in school bus enables parents to know about their kid’s boarding and deboarding time which ensures the safety of their commute.


RFID student monitoring system is a much-needed solution for the educational industry which cuts down time and improves accuracy. It enhances the students’ safety at schools, comforts the communication link between parents & schools, progresses operational efficiency which in turn shoots up your school’s reputation

It’s such an honour to bag the "GIC Innovation award for tracking technology solutions" organized by the "Global IT Commune (GIC) and Talent2Success.


  • 1. What is RFID technology?
  • Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) technology captures digital data encoded in RFID cards/tags via radio waves and the information can be stored in a database for future retrieval.

  • 2. In which industries can be RFID used?
  • RFID technology can be used in different industry verticals such as educational industry, logistics/transportation industry, inventories and warehouses, sports, government sectors, healthcare, IT/ITES, etc.

  • 3. How does RFID benefit schools?
  • RFID in schools enables automatic attendance system for students and monitors the student activities in and out of the school. RFID when integrated to schools betters the level of accuracy and productivity.

  • 4. What are some of the RFID applications?
  • Attendance management, inventory management, asset tracking, controlling assets to restricted areas and much more.

  • 5. How accurate can be RFID tracking?
  • The accuracy depends on the active/passive tags used in the RFID tracking system. Our RFID attendance management and tracking solution provides a passive RFID system with an RFID reader and tag which provides 99% accuracy.

RFID Attendance Management System

A Smart and credible way of Marking the attendance of the students in the bus and school Campus. The parents will receive SMS for the Boarding, De-Boarding, reaching and leaving School when the card is swiped.


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