VTMS: An Excellent Fleet Management Fuel Monitoring Tool for Logistics & Transportation Companies

A complete GPS based fleet management solution that provides greater visibility to your vehicles, goods and drivers with real-time tracking. A multifunctional fleet tracking system, that helps companies/organisation to automate, optimize, manage, organize and coordinate their fleet vehicles from a central data platform. Our vehicle tracking system can be an easy-to-use, reliable, and comprehensive solution for the logistics/transportation industries. Our software for tracking vehicles works on IoT solutions and supplement advanced technologies.

Cutting-Edge Hi-Tech Solution for Logistics and Transportation Companies!

Fleet operations are under constant pressure to deliver efficient services while maintaining a safe working environment for staff and vehicles. GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool for making every vehicle more effective, reducing costs and ultimately allowing business to do more profits with less costs.

Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle fuel monitoring system and many other modules of VTMS helps in improving the overall performance of the vehicle by increasing the vehicle life span and reducing the vehicle maintenance costs.

Vehicle Maintenance in VTMS allows to keep records of vehicle health checks and timely service to avoid vehicle breakdown and hence helps the drivers to complete their tasks on time.

Fuel Management in VTMS allows to check the daily fuel levels of your fleets efficiently, controls fuel theft and saves money. The advanced feature improves the fuel monitoring of fleets by generating automated reports for better analytics. Fuel sensor for vehicle tracking system with GPS technology ensures real-time alerts on sudden fuel drops, pilferage and fuel refills with accurate location. The vehicle fuel tracking system is a cost-effective way to reduce your unwanted fuel costs and maximise your fuel efficiency.

Here are some amazing features that takes your company to next level:

  • GPS based fleet management system is enabled with real-time monitoring which ensures the complete visibility of vehicles, goods and drivers.
  • A comprehensive dashboard to analyse the fleet trends and optimise fleet utility. Our GPS tracker system allows constant map monitoring which displays the accurate location of fleets.
  • Admin can view the live location of vehicles, trips, compliances, and vehicle details within a single dashboard.
  • The current state of the vehicle like moving, parked or idle is shown using map markers.
  • Over speeding stretches are highlighted on the map and options are provided to replay the entire trip.
  • Depending on the need, several alerts can be configured: Idling Alert, Stoppage Alert, Tampering Alert, Over-speeding Alert, Vehicle Inspection Alert, Fuel Theft Alert etc.
  • Can create geographical boundaries called Geo fences on the map around a landmark which alerts the admin when violated.
  • Fleet managers can track and analyse information on their vehicles up to 90 days in the past and make informed decisions that could positively impact their business.
  • Admin can set timely reminders on vehicle maintenance to ensure the health condition of vehicles regularly to avoid breakdowns during the trips.
  • GPS vehicle tracking offers a comprehensive set of customized reports for future enhancements.
  • The GPS tracker app sends notification on reaching the shipment destination and warehouses.
  • Fuel monitoring solution integrated with our fleet management solution enables admin to keep an eye on fuel usage, refills and theft.
  • User Management - Improves access control & security of fleet operations by creating job-specific roles and permission levels for users. The customizable feature allows admin to:
    • Pre-define user roles, assign vehicle groups and permissions
    • Control the access to edit, delete or create records
    • Customize access for individuals
  • Based on the customized reports, the admin / manager can analyse the performance of each vehicle, fleet & driver for further planning of day-to-day operations.


VTMS is the award-winning GPS tracking and vehicle monitoring system which improves the overall operational efficiency and cost savings. Reap the benefits of GPS systems for your business with our GPS fleet management.


  • 1. What is GPS fleet tracking?

    Tracking and monitoring of fleet vehicles in the logistics/transportation industry with the GPS technology is called as GPS fleet tracking.

  • 2. How does real-time tracking help my business?

    Real-time GPS tracking helps you to track the flow of goods and driver behaviour reducing the chances of theft and wastage of fuel and time. It also helps in improving the customer service by timely delivery of goods.

  • 3. What are the benefits of using VTMS?

    • Increased Productivity.
    • Streamlined Communication.
    • Reduced Time and Costs.
    • Improved Quality.
    • Greater Visibility.
    • More Efficient Task Management.
    • Improved Operational Stability.
    • Greater Customer Satisfaction.
  • 4. Can I have access controls created based on roles?

    Yes. It is possible to restrict the access of the application through configuration while creating roles.

  • 5. How do I generate reports from VTMS?

    There are various types of reports available on VTMS & can be downloaded in excel format for future analysis.

  • 6. How does vehicle track solution help in monitoring fuel theft?

    The fuel monitoring sensor fit in the fuel tank helps us monitor the sudden decrease in the level of fuel through alerts and various reports.

  • 7. How VTMS helps in gaining ROI faster?

    The factors that help in gaining ROI faster are:

    • Track and avoid driver’s unauthorised trips
    • Effective route management
    • Effective resource management
    • Tracking total Idling time
    • Over Speeding
    • Avoid fuel theft
    • Improved Fleet Operations
    • Timely service / inspection of vehicles helps to avoid vehicle breakdown
    • Effective use of vehicles
    • Timely vehicle maintenance increases the vehicle life span

    Effective use of the features of VTMS helps in overall performance of the fleets and hence saves money & time.