Face Recognition Based Attendance

Face Recognition Based Attendance

Face Recognition Based Attendance System takes automated attendance management to the next level with an AI based system that ensures accurate and effortless attendance in schools. The tedious manual attendance systems that burden teachers with maintaining records and taking roll calls in each class, are now a thing of the past!

How Face Recognition Based Attendance System Works?

Face Recognition Technology

Face Detection

  • Facial recognition systems need a database or a pre-recorded data set to compare captured images and identify faces. A complete high-end configuration unit is installed in the institute and the data capturing process is initiated. The camera mounted with the machine captures and processes the images of students with various angles and qualities along with the basic identification details for further processing.The Image is processed in this way to take care of image quality & other factors.
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  • Image quality :
  • The quality of the reference image plays an important role in the identification process. If the resolution of the said image is not high enough, it can cause cameras to be tricked into believing that the person being scanned is not the same as in the photo. An easy solution is to ensure that both the reference images and scanning are performed by similar cameras.

  • Storage :
  • Depending on the quality of the input data, a system would need an appropriate amount of storage. This could be troublesome if the data collected is of high quality and requires large amounts of storage space especially for events with a large expected attendance.

Face matching with database

Students have to simply walk towards the installed screen/camera which already has pre-recorded images and data. A match is triggered with the database.

Face Recognition Technology
Face Recognition Technology

Face recognition & attendance marking

The Identity of the individual is verified with the database record and thus, attendance is recorded with the timestamp within a matter of seconds.

Benefits :

Eliminates proxies, data tampering and human errors

Save time, effort of teachers and administrative staff

Completely fool-proof system with state-of-the-art face detection and recognition algorithms

Improves accuracy & reliability

Ensures touch-less safety

Increases efficiency

Future Roadmap

As a next step towards monitoring student activity in school premises, we are working on Sentiment Analysis. It is a an advanced facial recognition technology, which when installed in the institute/organization can further help to analyze and/or monitor various behavioral patterns of children, which can help in keeping an eye on any problematic or abnormal behavior.


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