• 1. How to track my kid?

    You can track your kid inside the school and while commute with the help of Trakom, GPRS/RFID tracking system. GPS helps to track the real-time location of school bus. RFID helps to monitor your child’s activity within school premises.

  • 2. How GPS vehicle tracking system works?

    The GPS tracking device is installed into a vehicle and it uses the GPS technology to know the vehicle location. The information gathered is stored in the device and then transmitted to the wireless or cellular network. It travels to the server and these servers allow you to access the information from anywhere, any device.

  • 3. How to track my bus?

    Trakom, smart tracking app with GPS/RFID technology helps you to track the school bus in and out of school premises.

  • 4. Can we install this device in all types of school buses?

    Yes, it can be installed in any school bus types.

  • 5. Do school bus cameras work when the bus is off?

    This depends on the system and the type of camera used in the vehicle. Mainly two types of cameras can be used, one which works with the battery and other one works when connected to the vehicle engine.

  • 6. What are the steps that our Indian Government is taking for student safety?

    For better safety and security, Govt. of India has made GPS and CCTV’s mandatory both at school premises and in school bus.

  • 7. How we can ensure road safety?

    We ensure road safety with the road safety devices which uses technologies like GPS, Face recognition etc. For example, GPS provides helpful information regarding driver’s performance such as speeding, acceleration, halts, abnormal diversions and real-time tracking of fleets.

  • 8. Why do school buses have cameras inside?

    Cameras installed in a school bus acts as security cameras for school bus which ensures student safety.

  • 9. How is school bus route optimization a perfect solution?

    Optimization of the school bus route helps transport manager to generate routes in order to ensure that children are transported to and from the school safely and on time. The advanced algorithm helps to identify the best cost- effective route. It can help fleet managers and drivers to plan routes that avoid congestion, shortening transportation times without costing more overall for a longer route. Route optimisation also helps to reduce fuel costs, improve efficiency and increases ROI.

RFID Based Attendance - FAQ

  • 1. What is RFID technology?

    Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) technology captures digital data encoded in RFID cards/tags via radio waves and the information can be stored in a database for future retrieval.

  • 2. In which industries can be RFID used?

    RFID technology can be used in different industry verticals such as educational industry, logistics/transportation industry, inventories and warehouses, sports, government sectors, healthcare, IT/ITES, etc.

  • 3. How does RFID benefit schools?

    RFID in schools enables automatic attendance system for students and monitors the student activities in and out of the school. RFID when integrated to schools betters the level of accuracy and productivity.

  • 4. What are some of the RFID applications?

    Attendance management, inventory management, asset tracking, controlling assets to restricted areas and much more.

  • 5. How accurate can be RFID tracking?

    The accuracy depends on the active/passive tags used in the RFID tracking system. Our RFID attendance management and tracking solution provides a passive RFID system with an RFID reader and tag which provides 99% accuracy.

ERP School - FAQ

  • 1. What is ERP software?

    ERP software is a business process management software which helps organisations to manage the business and automate the tasks using an integrated application.

  • 2. What is the importance of school management system in schools?

    Asti School ERP Solution is a smart school administration and management system which meets all the needs of an educational institution with the quality of education.

  • 3. Why automation is important for schools?

    Automation when applied to schools, improves efficiency, brings down workload and thereby productivity of your institution raises. The education management software is a perfect tool to automate and digitize your data, which helps schools to obtain numerous benefits.

  • 4. Does it work offline?

    No, it is an online application. You need an internet connection to access the system.

  • 5. Can we store the student details in the database and retrieve it later?

    ERP software for school allows to easily add student information, save them and retrieve them later. An easily accessible software which helps to fetch the student data from their date of joining till they leave the school.

  • 6. Are there separate logins for parents and school?

    Our school management system connects, parents, schools and teachers in a better way. We provide web/mobile-based app and separate login for the users – super admin, admin, mentor and parents.


  • 1. How to track your sales team in real-time?
  • You can track your sales agents in real-time with the real-time mobile location tracker, Imprint. The GPS tracking app for employees provides insight about the live location of your salesforce, their meetings, and closures.

  • 2. What is Imprint?
  • It is a field staff /executives’ performance monitoring tool, which will help you to schedule, manage, track and analyze field operations in real time and reduce the manual efforts.

  • 3. Which is the best attendance app for sales agents?
  • Imprint, is the best app for tracking attendance which automatically marks the attendance of employees when they login to their mobile app.

  • 4. How does field force tracking software benefit?
  • A Salesforce GPS tracking software benefits organisation in many ways. Field force management app maximizes the transparency, boosts efficiency, creates trust among businesses & sales agents, minimizes costs and improves your brand building.

  • 5. Which department within an organization would employee tracking app be useful for?
  • It is flexible and can be used by any department that has a mobility requirement of staff.

  • 6. Can we raise a query against reimbursement?
  • Yes, you can initiate a query on the reimbursement slips uploaded by the staff.

  • 7. What if our executive uninstalls the employee tracking app or switch off the GPS or the internet?
  • If the internet is off the Imprint app will not work but location can be tracked. If the GPS is turned off, the application would not work as it’s a must to measure the distance travelled.

  • 8. Which mobile devices do you support for the IMPRINT?
  • Currently, we offer two versions - Android and iPhone. All our products are compatible with mobile screens of different sizes.

  • 9. Is it safe to use an online web field force management system?
  • We keep your data private. No individual can view your data without an authentic ID and password. We take advanced security measures like SSL and have reinforced the firewall's protection.

  • 10. Do I have to buy a server to install Imprint?
  • No, Imprint is a SaaS (Software as a service) solution. It will be hosted at our end; you can access it from any computer or tablet that has internet access.


  • 1. How Asti Fleet Management ensures employee safety?

    AFM answers employee safety and security with GPS tracking technology. Our GPS based fleet management helps the admin to track the live location of employee in transit. Employee can send SOS alert to the admin in case of any emergency. AFM also provides other safety alerts on geofence violation, over-speed driving, etc. which helps the fleet managers to take instant actions.

  • 2. How does GPS tracking work?

    The GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on real-time location, vehicle speed, time and direction.

  • 3. Can admin track trips in real-time?

    Yes, AFM admin panel enables real-time monitoring and also permits to view/download all the trip details.

  • 4. How can the shifts be scheduled for daily commute?

    Smart roster planning helps planning of routes, schedules and allocate vehicles automatically.

  • 5. How can an employee request a ride in an emergency?

    Employee can request a cab with the Ad-hoc request feature which will be approved by the admin post which cab allocation is done.

  • 6. How many vehicles can be monitored at a given time?

    There are no such limits. Admin can track multiple vehicles with Asti Fleet Management.


  • 1. What is GPS fleet tracking?

    Tracking and monitoring of fleet vehicles in the logistics/transportation industry with the GPS technology is called as GPS fleet tracking.

  • 2. How does real-time tracking help my business?

    Real-time GPS tracking helps you to track the flow of goods and driver behaviour reducing the chances of theft and wastage of fuel and time. It also helps in improving the customer service by timely delivery of goods.

  • 3. What are the benefits of using VTMS?
    • Increased Productivity.
    • Streamlined Communication.
    • Reduced Time and Costs.
    • Improved Quality.
    • Greater Visibility.
    • More Efficient Task Management.
    • Improved Operational Stability.
    • Greater Customer Satisfaction.

  • 4. Can I have access controls created based on roles?

    Yes. It is possible to restrict the access of the application through configuration while creating roles.

  • 5. How do I generate reports from VTMS?

    There are various types of reports available on VTMS & can be downloaded in excel format for future analysis.

  • 6. How does vehicle track solution help in monitoring fuel theft?

    The fuel monitoring sensor fit in the fuel tank helps us monitor the sudden decrease in the level of fuel through alerts and various reports.

  • 7. How VTMS helps in gaining ROI faster?
      The factors that help in gaining ROI faster are:
    • Track and avoid driver’s unauthorised trips
    • Effective route management
    • Effective resource management
    • Tracking total Idling time
    • Over Speeding
    • Avoid fuel theft
    • Improved Fleet Operations
    • Timely service / inspection of vehicles helps to avoid vehicle breakdown
    • Effective use of vehicles
    • Timely vehicle maintenance increases the vehicle life span
    Effective use of the features of VTMS helps in overall performance of the fleets and hence saves money & time.

DialTM - FAQ

  • 1. How do I register?

    To register for our DialTM trial version, you can go to our website https://dialtm.in/Home and then click on Join/Host meeting; you will then be directed to the login page. Click on register button and fill in your name, email, mobile number and set your password. After this, you can login using your mail id as username, with the password you have given during registration.

  • 2. After login, how can I schedule my meeting?

    For scheduling your meeting, first add your organization details by clicking on + icon in the ‘About’ section. Enter your name, email, contact, country, address, state, city and type of Industry. Now your organisation code (‘orgcode’) is generated and you can go to ‘levels’ and add levels to give a naming convention to your meeting names. Then add any topic name by clicking on the topic and then + icon. Now you can set your meetings by clicking on ‘create meeting’ icon on top right side.

  • 3. How can I schedule a recurring meeting?

    To schedule a recurring meeting, click on the topic name and then on ‘create meeting’ icon on meeting page. Now in the ‘type of meeting’ drop-down you can select the type as Daily, Day basis (any specific day of the week) and Monthly meeting. This will help you to schedule recurring meetings in one step.

  • 4. How to start an instant meeting?

    Just after login, you can click on the “Start new meeting” button and can share the code or click on “copy URL” option to share the meeting invite with others via e-mail or any other medium.

  • 5. How to join meeting?

    Click on “Join Meeting” button on the top of the landing page after login. Now you can enter the meeting code in the text box and click on ‘join’.

  • 6. How can I invite guests on my online meeting?

    If you have already started the meeting then you can click on the “i” icon at the bottom, click on copy link and share with others via mail etc. If you want to share the meeting link of a scheduled meeting (in the future), then you can click on the calendar and then the “view” option against the meeting name. There on the top you will see the ‘share’ icon before call icon. You can click on it and the link will be copied. This can be shared with others whom you want to invite as guests.

  • 7. How can I set password to my meetings?

    To set the password, you can start the meeting before others join and then click on “i” icon and click on “Add Password” option and type your password. And click on enter button. Now the password is set and those who want to join the meeting now need this password to join.

  • 8. How can I join from my mobile browser?

    To join the meeting from your mobile browser, click on the link you have with you to join the meeting or you can copy the link and paste in your browser. You will be able to see the option to add your name and click on ‘OK’ button. In case you are not able to see the OK button please use the landscape mode in your device and then use. Now you are connected to your meeting.

  • 9. I cannot hear anything after joining the meeting. Why?

    In such cases, first please check if your speaker is off in your laptop or your mobile speaker volume is turned on or not. If after this also you are not able to hear then try connecting with other speakers.

  • 10. I can hear them but other participants can’t hear me, what should I do?

    In such cases, please check whether your microphone is enabled or not. You can check this on the centre before the call button; the microphone should be enabled. Now you can check if microphone permissions have been granted to DialTM or not in settings, and then hardware and check micro phone access allowed. On top, next to URL there is a camera icon - you can also click there and check if microphone is allowed or not.

  • 11. How can I kick out unruly participants from my meeting room?

    To block or kick out anyone from the meeting room, go to Tile view and click on the setting option on the participants tile view (the three dots). There you can see the kick out option. If you click it and confirm, the person is removed from the meeting.

  • 12. How can I ensure that others join the call in muted and hidden mode?

    For this, once the call starts click on the three dots on right side and click on ‘settings’. Now click on “More” tab; there you can enable ‘everyone starts muted’ and ‘everyone starts hidden’.

  • 13. How can I send private messages to any participant?

    To send a private message to any participant, go to tile view and click on the setting option on the participants tile view (the three dots). There you can see the send private message option. Click on it and the message will be sent to that participant only; others can’t view it.

  • 14. I hear echo during my online meeting.

    In such cases you need to check few things as follows:
    • Check your earphones: if plugged then unplug and plug them again.
    • If you are not using the earphones then use one and check.
    • Ensure no other user is sitting in the same room who is on the same online meeting and is on speaker. Ask them to mute and use earphones.

  • 15. How do I ensure that there is no disturbance from my side on the online meeting?

    To ensure this please keep your microphone muted unless you want to speak something. If you want to speak something, then only un-mute it and then mute it back. This will ensure that the background noise from your side doesn’t come in the online conference.

  • 16. How do I start recording the session?

    If you have the licensed version of DialTM and you have taken the recording services then on the online meeting page only in settings you can see the ‘Start Recording’ button. Click on it and it will start. Before ending the session, you can click on ‘Stop Recording’ button to stop the recording.

  • 17. How can I share my screen on the meeting?

    To share the screen, click on the screen icon on the left most side of your screen at the bottom, then a popup will appear. There you can select the application window or the chrome tabs. If you choose to select the entire screen then click on the screen and then share button but please be aware that in this case any window you open on your laptop will be visible to all the participants. So, choose the shared screens wisely.

  • 18. I want to use my mobile for meeting; is there any app available for the same?

    Yes, we do have our android and iOS app available for the same. You can download the same from the play store or app store respectively or from the link given below:
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.astiinfo.dialtm&hl=en_IN
    iOS: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/dialtm/id1519217601

  • 19. Why do I get disconnected from my meetings?

    This may happen due to your internet connection. If your internet is fluctuating in between then you will be disconnected but will re-join. Please ensure a proper internet connection during your online meeting to have hassle free meetings.

  • 20. I have forgotten my password, how can I recover it?

    To reset your password, you can go to login page and click on reset password and enter the registered email id. You will receive the email on the same mail id to reset your password by clicking on the link.

  • 21. When I join the meeting, on the screen i can see the message as “Waiting for the host”, what shall I do?

    In such cases, you have to wait for the host to join the meeting so that it could be started. If you are the host then you have to login into your account and then start the meeting from the call icon. Then you will be recognised as the host and everyone will be connected.

  • 22. How does it work in my safari browser in iPhone?

    iPhone 11 supports the Video Conferencing through WebRTC seamlessly.

  • 23. Can I connect via my mobile also?

    Whether you are at your desk or on-the-go, you shall always have a flawless video conferencing experience. DialTM offers the end users with leading compatibility to ensure frictionless video conferencing regardless of the desktop Operating System (Windows, macOS), browser (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Chromium, Safari (13.1.1 and above)), mobile devices (android, iOS); DialTM could be used on any of these platforms.

  • 24. What is the Support mechanism for DialTM?

    24*7 on-call support.

  • 25. Can we live stream our conference/webinar via DialTM?

    Yes, DialTM offers live streaming facility for the paid plan users where the users can view the complete live session flawlessly.

  • 26. Can we do Webcasting from DialTM?

    Yes, DialTM offers the webcasting facility as well, where the recorded sessions can be played again and the link can be shared with the users to view as a part of Video-on-Demand.

  • 27. Can we create scheduling link?

    Yes, scheduling links can be created wherein the user can create the link that can be shared for the rest to book an available meeting slot with them.

  • 28. Can we make slot booking paid?

    Yes, configuration is available to make the slots paid also and the amount can also be defined and changed as per need.

  • 29. Can Webinars be conducted?

    Yes, webinars can be scheduled where we have options like paid or free webinar. In case of paid, the amount can be accpeted in USD or INR and the respective payment gateway will open up.

  • 30. Does DialTM provide force mute or video facility?

    Yes, the host has the access rights to enable or disable the camera or microphone of any user forcefully on this platform.

  • 31. Can quiz or polls be created?

    Yes, on DialTM there are options available for both quiz and poll. User can create the questions and those can be reused as well.

  • 32. What is the difference between poll and quiz?

    Poll answers will be anonymous but quiz answers would show who submitted what. Poll questions don’t have a correct answer but in quiz questions we need to give correct answer while creating.

  • 33. For how long will the meeting recording be available on our login?

    The recording link will be available until it's deleted from the server.

  • 34. Can we get all the record of chats and participants for past meetings?

    Yes, on the host login in history tab all the data is available against all the meetings.

Mshop - FAQ

  • 1. What is Mshop live?

    Mshop live is a video shopping platform to connect the shopkeepers/suppliers with the customers in a virtual meeting place where the product could be showcased and deal finalized, with payment gateway integrated.

  • 2. Who can use Mshop live?

    Any kirana store, dukaan, supplier, wholesaler, retailer, exhibitionist can use the solution to connect with the customers seamlessly.

  • 3. How can customers connect to the shopkeepers?

    This is a video platform where you can connect with your customers easily via video calling. Supplier will have a login and the shop link which the customers can visit and connect.

  • 4. What if the shop keeper is busy on another call and other customer is trying to call?

    In this case the calling customer will get the message that he is in the queue and the token number will be given to him. Meanwhile the shop keeper can finish other calls. Token number will be updated and my number in the queue will be displayed to me. Once the queue is over the customer will be connected with the shop keeper.

  • 5. Can I make the payment as a customer?

    Yes the customer gets the option to make payment while being on call. The link will be shared with them for the amount and they can make the payment through various options.

  • 6. What all do I need to start my Mshop business?

    The complete process will hardly take 5 minutes. You can contact us (Enquiry@mshop.live) to get your my shop id created which needs your business name and contact number.

  • 7. Do I need any extra hardware devices?

    You can start using the Mshop live from your mobile phone browser as well, in case you do not have a laptop. All you need is a laptop/mobile and internet connection.

  • 8. What if my call gets disconnected in between?

    In case you are on video call with the supplier or vice versa and the call gets disconnected due to poor network connection then it gets auto re-connected provided either party does not disconnect the call intentionally.

  • 9. How can I make the payment?

    The customers will get the link to make the payment once the order is finalised. They can click on the link and make the payment choosing credit card, debit card or UPI modes.

  • 10. What are the benefits of Mshop live?

    This solution helps you to revive your business by connecting virtually with your customers from remote places. It also allows them to enjoy store-like shopping from home while observing safety precautions against the pandemic. Live personalised shopping enhances customer satisfaction and boosts sales.

  • 11. Can I manage my order also via Mshop live?

    Yes, you can manage your orders as well via Mshop live. During your call with the customer, you can add order details and same will be available in ‘my supplier’ login as well.

  • 12. How can I promote my business via Mshop live?

    You can share the live shop link on your social media accounts for promotion so that more customers get to know about your business and get connected over Mshop.

  • 13. How easy is my Mshop link to remember by other?

    The link is always appended with your contact no or with the business name like given below
    https://on.mshop.live/9812345678 or https://on.mshop.live/sharmajijewelers
    This gives your link a very personalised, human touch as well.

  • 14. What are the subscription plans and models?

    We have monthly & yearly subscriptions for various plans like Basic, Premium and Cluster plans. For more details visit our website https://www.mshop.live

  • 15. Can Mshop app be used by customer as well?

    Yes, customers can download the same Mshop app and then go to “Connect to Supplier” on home page and then provide the link of the customer shop like “mshop.live/Phonenumber” or only Phone number and connect with the supplier.

  • 16. If I have made the online payment as customer will the supplier be able to know it?

    Yes, the supplier will be notified at the same time once you make the online payment. They get notification alerts and status is updated.

  • 17. In mall login, are the mall managers able to view the customer connection on each store?

    Yes, on the dashboard the daily or date range-based data can be fetched to check the customers calling on each of the mall stores.

  • 18. Can advertisements be posted by mall manager also?

    Yes, Mall manager can also update advertisements; either mall specific which are common for all or else store-wise also.

  • 19. Is there a consolidated page for showing all shops to customers?

    Yes, we have a link where the customer can click and check all the shops under the mall and on clicking specific shop name/icon it will redirect to respective shops.

  • 20. Is there any QR code available which customer can scan and redirect to mshop link?

    Yes, in the seller login in profile section the QR code is available which can be scanned by customer and it will directly take them to calling page to connect with the seller.

  • 21. Is there any provision for customers to book slots?

    Yes, customers can book slots also. The slots need to be created and published by the seller and based on that it will be visible to customers for booking.

  • 22. Can we make slot booking paid?

    Yes, configuration is available to make the slots paid. The charges can also be defined and changed as per need.

  • 23. Chat facility is there?

    Yes, chat option is also available. We can provide a chat option on the website where if any customer drops a query he will be connected to the logged-in agent on Mshop and then customer can initiate call from there as well.

  • 24. Will the manager have a record of complete history?

    Yes, managers have access to the entire chat history and other details on their login.

  • 25. Can seller send SMS for the payment option on customer's mobile number?

    No, the reason for this is that no one will trust it when an SMS asks you to make a payment. Sometimes SMS is delayed by a minute or two so the customer will not be sure whether it is genuine or fraudulent. Mshop, on the other hand, presents a reliable feature that solves this problem by allowing payment pop-up message during video call between the customer and seller. Thus, the customer is assured that it is sent from the seller or shopkeeper, thereby eliminating any chances of fraud or mis-communication.

  • 26. Can I see logs of a specific user regarding the number of orders he has taken?

    Yes, it is possible. Let's take an example, if there are 2 sales persons in a shop to receive orders/calls then both have a personal login account. They can see in their account how many orders they have taken. Also, the shop owner can check these details in their account. Thus, individual performance can be mapped.

  • 27. Is there any option to share the payment receipt/invoice?

    Yes, the payment receipt can be sent through the chat facility. When the customer connects with the shopkeeper on call, a chat option will also be available where the shopkeeper can send invoice/receipt/PDF, also pictures, etc. which the customer can download.

  • 28. Is there any template available for advertisement?

    No, the shopkeepers can add their own images. And the same will be visible to customers. Supplier can add the advertisement visibility dates, placing and priority. Even a link can be attached on images. So, on clicking any advertisement it will redirect to the respective link of any website.

  • 29. Can we add video for advertisement?

    No, till now this type of service is not available but, in the future, it can be done.

  • 30. How many ways are available on Mshop for customers to connect with suppliers?

    The customer has three ways to touch base with the shopkeeper:

    • First is the shop live link – https://on.mshop.live/{shop name}
    • Second is through an option to schedule appointment with seller.
    • Third is the video order feature wherein customer can record and send his order.

  • 31. When the customer books an order through video order, how will the shopkeeper know the customer's location?

    When customer books an order by using a video order facility, at that time the customer will receive a popup message to allow location access. If the customer consents, then Mshop will automatically fetch customer address and update it along with the video order in the shopkeeper account.

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