Asti Fleet Management: Simplify your Fleet Management

Fleet management system is a multifunctional platform that helps you manage the fleet of taxi's, buses and shuttles in a single dashboard. A handy tool for corporate providing transportation to its employees.

It facilitates convenience for transport manager by providing driver management, employee safety measures, vehicle location tracking, fuel & speed management, roster planning and route optimization using latest technology.

Our vehicle tracking system ensures:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Timely alerts for over-speeding or route deviations
  • Secure commute and prompt notifications
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction in operational and fuel costs
  • Customized reports and analytics for future enhancements

This advanced vehicle tracking solution can be operated without any worries as all its functionalities are user-friendly and can be automated.

The fleet management system has three important set of features:

Employee-centric features

  • Real Time information (ETA) of shuttles/cabs at their fingertips
  • Receive communication in case of change in route or schedule
  • “Share your ride” feature of business vehicle tracking system enables employees to share their co-ordinates with family and friends
  • Individual employee boarding/de-boarding notifications to transport admin
  • Vehicle tracking solution provides option to add emergency contacts for SOS alerts
  • Alarm and Panic button alerts transport admin and emergency contacts; sends GPS co-ordinates for immediate action
  • Driver feedback to transport department

Features for Corporate Admin

  • Constant monitoring on map – display of accurate location of shuttles using live GPS vehicle tracking system
  • Live dashboards/periodic reports – per trip, hourly, daily, weekly & monthly 
  • Reports - Number of trips completed, time taken for each trip, average time taken, shuttle usage, route usage etc.
  • Create Routes - Option to define one-way/circular trips through the fleet management system
  • Route Replay – Replay the entire trip from origin to destination and compare with planned route
  • Analytics on usage can help plan better for enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Alerts – Speed and Route Violations; Panic/SOS alerts from employees
  • Better equipped to handle situations like breakdowns, delay and driver absence, etc.

Driver-centric features

  • If new driver/ replacement of driver take place in emergency, fleet management app can help the driver to easily know the route and stoppages of the shuttles
  • In case an emergency related to road closures etc. arises, the business vehicle tracking system used by this app can suggest the best routes with a minimum number of diversions
  • Complete driver profile, background and contact details available for any contingencies