Asti Infotech is a leading product company offering innovative solutions that use latest technologies in machine to machine communication like GPS, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth. We use these cutting edge technologies to create intelligent solutions that solve real problems. Our user-friendly solutions are developed on mobility to make it accessible anytime anywhere. The top-rated products developed by our team include Trakom - tracking and communication solution for schools, Imprint - sales force management solution, Fleet Management - for ensuring safe and efficient transport for corporate and their employees, Linen and Uniform Management - for hotels, laundromats and hospitals, and Asset Management - for a spectrum of products. Our customised solutions are developed to suit a range of industries like education, transportation, hospitality, retail, banking, insurance etc.

Offers real-time GPS-based tracking of school buses, enhanced security of students, better control by school administration. Facilitates smart communication app for effective communication between parents, mentors, and students.

Efficient tracking and management of the sales team from any location. Conveniently maintain schedules, timesheets, call logs & expenses; reduce operational cost through our automated solution.

Ensures fleet optimization, employee safety, and improved productivity. Reduces costs through efficient routing, constant monitoring and detailed analytics.

Bridges the communication gap between school administration and parents. The App ensures timely and effective sharing of information, updates, notifications and documents.