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Trakom: GPS/RFID based tracking and monitoring solution

Trakom is a GPS/RFID based tracking and monitoring solution which is one of the Best School Bus Tracking System & Solutions for Student Safety in India. Our award winning, smart tracking system enables live tracking of buses and monitoring of student activities in and out of school bus. With the real-time school bus tracking software, you can save time, money and ensure safety of your child.

What is Trakom?

Through the ages, one of the major concerns of school authorities and parents, is the safety and security of students/children while commuting to school and their activities inside the school premises. Assuring safety for the school kids is the foremost priority of every school. The real-time school bus tracking app with the latest technologies can help schools in achieving the former.

GPS in school buses is the need of the hour. We can help you to get transformed as a smart school with smarter technologies and smart phones. Asti Infotech provides a smart app, Trakom a real-time school bus tracker app for schools and parents, which is aided with the latest GPS/RFID technology. Our school buses app is powered by the IoT devices which makes it smart, efficient and cost effective. The tracking software works on the internet of things, Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking school bus and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) for student tracking.

Safety of kids in and out of the school bus is highly indispensable and road safety is a primary woe for both schools and parents. GPS school bus tracking is a safety module in our products which ensures student safety in schools and on road. The GPS in school bus helps to locate the school bus in real-time with a simple live bus tracking. The GPS rider tracker solution is tailored for a specific requirement to manage school bus fleets and send current updates to parents which helps to keep their worries at bay. The school bus tracking solution has robust capabilities to optimize routes, track live locations, send alerts and notifications.

We understand every parent’s concern about their kids’ safety in school. RFID in schools and school buses helps to monitor student activities in and out of school. It poses as all-round student security. The RFID card, when swiped in the school bus and at school gates marks attendance of students and staff automatically. An immediate SMS or notification is sent to the parents when their child enters/ exits the school; boards/deboards the school bus.

Communication in a school/institution is chaotic. Every day hundreds of activities take place in a school and there is a need of a platform for schools, parents and teachers to interact. We truly understand the actual problems of schools and hence would like to offer you a secure platform, Smart Communication for improved interaction between parents and schools. Parents can track the child’s progress, homework’s, holidays and other notices with a smart phone.

School ERP Solution helps in the overall management of school operations. The software helps the school authorities to smoothly handle the school functionalities without any difficulties. It connects various departments like office, finance, examination, admission cell, etc. and simplifies the tasks.

This tracker app can be integrated with any school and school bus types which improves efficiency, ensures bus safety and assists in building a strong relationship between parents and schools. Trakom is a safety and security tool for schools, even for kindergarten to monitor physical, emotional and cognitive safety of children all time. This smart solution guides the schools to organize their activities which saves time for teachers & keeps parents informed. You can get much more benefits with a single app.

Features Of Trakom:

Trakom is the most trusted app when it comes to tracking apps in India. Its unique features and easy to use interface make it unique from other tracking apps. Trakom incorporates admin app, parent app and driver console app. Both Web App and Mobile App are available so that the users can use it anytime, anywhere. The web app is exclusively for the school admin while the mobile app is for the mentors, parents and bus drivers.

  • RFID technology for student monitoring and secure premises
  • Defended commute through tracking of the school buses by parents and schools
  • Alarms and monitoring of the student activities to ensure safety and security
  • Parents can check the real-time school bus location and estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Access information on your fingertips with smartphone or tablets
  • Automated attendance of students and staff which can be easily stored and retrieved
  • Best route planning software for the schools
  • SOS/Panic button for students to get help in any emergency situation inside the school bus.
  • Dashboard for the admin for real-time bus tracking
  • Driver behaviour management
  • Native development on Android or iOS platform
  • Android push notifications or iOS notification to the admin for driver behaviour, vehicle maintenance, driving patterns, fuel theft etc.
  • Tracking of two children with the same app and same mobile number.

Trakom for Schools:

Schools are responsible for safety of children, right from the time they enter the school and till they are back home safely. Safe transportation of school children is also a big concern for schools. Our school bus tracking software, helps schools to track the students in real-time. It ensures the safety and security of children while commute and RFID does the same inside the school.

  • Our bus tracking tool allows better monitoring and a more streamlined commute which makes students safer.
  • The school bus tracking technology improves the operational efficiency and hence improves coordination.
  • Increased student safety values to parents which builds trust on you and takes your school reputation to new heights.
  • The investment in the school bus tracking system is another means of cost cutting and boosts the Return on Investment (ROI). The major factor that increases ROI is Routing technology, that helps schools to optimize routes, provide a quicker navigation and reduce travel time. School seating management is another factor that serves to effectively manage student seating arrangement in the bus and ensure safe ride.

Trakom for School Admin

Web-app is exclusively for the school admins which enables live tracking of school buses and monitoring the student activities in real-time.

  • Efficient monitoring of school buses and real-time updates on the same.
  • School bus manager can track the record of students’ boarding and deboarding with RFID technology.
  • Dashboard enables admin to handle multiple operations like school calendar, noticeboard, buses running, trips completed and available routes.
  • It helps admin to plan and execute the trips, routes, pickup and drop points.
  • Efficient route optimization which helps to improve the process efficiency and save the bottom-line costs.
  • The school bus tracking solution generates notifications for any unscheduled stops or unplanned movement.
  • Alerts and notification to make informed decisions at the right time to ensure better safety and fleet management.
  • The instant alert feature ensures sending SOS / Panic Alerts in case of emergencies. These alerts can be customized to various functions like vehicle route change, SOS, over speeding or any other safety issues.
  • Admin can easily schedule/reschedule the buses and also the arrival/departure time can be overseen.
  • Information about traffic jams, whereabouts of the bus or any emergency is notified through real time vehicle tracking.
  • Along with smooth functioning, it brings transparency in system. Data is made available for future audits.
  • Automates operations which improve efficiency and save on operational costs.
  • Admin is quickly informed about any suspicious event happening in the school premises or while commute.

Trakom for Parents

Parents live in a constant fear about the whereabouts of their wards till the time they return home. We offer a smart tool for parents to know all about the child’s activities, ensuring safety & happiness. The school bus tracking software for parents, has been designed handy and user-friendly. Trakom keeps parents informed about the location of their child, child’s real-time activities and puts them in peace of mind. The parent app can be used in a smart phone, either on android or iOS platform which enables live student location tracking and real-time location of school bus.

  • The App sends timely notifications to parents about the scheduled routes, live location of school buses as well as boarding and deboarding information of their child.
  • The GPS rider app keeps you updated about whether the vehicle is running or stuck somewhere through real-time updates.
  • No more waiting at pick up and drop points. ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the bus to drop and pick up their ward at the designated stop location with the GPS bus tracking.
  • Timely SMS or notifications about unscheduled route, start time and bus delays provide peace of mind for parents.
  • Smart communication feature enables the parents to communicate with the teachers and keep updated on their ward’s activities.
  • Trakom allows parents to track more than one child at the same time with the same mobile number. This exclusive feature allows simultaneous tracking of children by switching the tabs, which makes it easy and convenient for the parents.

Trakom for Drivers

A handy app for drivers which informs them about the existing routes and stoppages. The mobile tracker app helps the drivers with the pick-up and drop off of students and acts as the best school bus route app.

  • The GPS Tracking app gives alternate routes in case of any contingencies.
  • Any new driver can easily access navigation and without any havoc pick and drop students.
  • In case of emergency, the vehicle can be re-routed with minimum diversions
  • Drivers can generate emergency alert through the bus tracker system
  • The bus driver app provides all possible routes to a particular location.

Trakom - Power of GPS/RFID Tracking and Smart Communication

Smart Communication App for Parents and Mentors

We provide Smart Communication App for parents and mentors which serves as an effective communication link between parents and mentors/educators. The Smart Communication functionality allows bidirectional communication between parents and mentors and acts as a secure platform for interaction

  • The class attendance can be marked by teachers within the smart app and submitted directly.
  • Admin can broadcast all important notices through notice board.
  • In group chat, mentors and students can directly communicate with each other.
  • Whenever any new homework is assigned, it will reflect in the homework section
  • By viewing the calendar, parents can get updates of holidays, weekly off and school events.
  • The teachers can share important newsfeeds, homework, documents, videos, and images with students.
  • This app controls the private information of parents and teachers with levels of privacy setting.

RFID Attendance Management

Our award-winning tracking software incorporates another useful feature that enables automated attendance management as well as tracking of students within the school premises. RFID can be used in buses and in schools which helps to monitor the student activities inside the school premises and school bus.

RFID tracking in bus - The RFID based school bus tracking system ensures that parents are updated about their ward’s safety zone. The scanners read tags embedded in their I-cards or uniforms, and automatically inform the school authorities/parents that the student has boarded or deboarded the bus.

RFID tracking in schools – To ensure security in school premises, RFID readers are installed within. This acts as a safety tracker software for schools, as it monitors the activities of students in the school campus and notifies the admin if the student enters any restricted area.


  • The school bus tracking software enables automated attendance which saves time in marking attendance and improves accuracy.
  • Daily attendance report to school authority.
  • Alerts school authorities in case students enter restricted areas or missing from class or if any is in the school after school hours.
  • Parents also get notified, if their ward moves out of school premises within school hours.

Future Enhancements

Asti understands the future of school bus safety and we are stepping into AI (Artificial Intelligence), integrating a new module to our product Trakom. Face recognition-based attendance system is a new enhancement for the School Bus Tracking System & Student Safety in India and a step towards futuristic school bus. Our new solution, facial recognition system aided by vision method, is a potential tool that improves security in educational institutions and school buses. The system is one of the fastest biometric technology, and a hi-tech surveillance which keeps the school campus highly protected and ensures safety of students.

Our quality lab is working on the Sentimental analysis by automatically detecting sentiment polarity (Positive or Negative) and emotion prediction. We are trying to identify student’s behaviour which helps in recognising students under depression. It helps teachers in giving individual attention for students and enables a better interaction.

One of the major reasons for motor vehicular accidents is the driver drowsiness, which puts life of both driver and the passengers at risk. Fatigue for drivers can be due to lack of sleep, overtime, night trips which causes the body to react inefficiently, reducing both reaction time and wakefulness. We are integrating AI based driver drowsiness detection technology, which is a solution that recognises the driver behaviour or drowsiness, alerting the driver of their condition and ensures road safety. It can interact with driver to increase engagement and also informs admin about driver’s condition.


TRAKOM – Best child GPS tracking device in India

To ensure complete safety of the students, Trakom provides GPS based real-time vehicle tracking system, and employs RFID technology for parents and schools to track students in and out of the bus. GPS Live bus tracking, student monitoring, smart communication and School ERP are the modules incorporated in Trakom.

We take pride in sharing with you that, we are the winners of "EdTech Review Corporate Awards 2019". Trakom has won the "Best School App" award and this recognition for sure paves a long path for us.


TRAKOM – GPS Bus Tracking Solution

To ensure complete safety of the students, Trakom provides GPS based real-time vehicle tracking system, and employs RFID technology for tracking of students in and out of the bus.

  • The school bus tracking solution notify for any unscheduled stops or unplanned move
  • Real-time vehicle tracking for your fleet
  • Real time Real time security alerts in case of wrong drop off


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