Trakom: Power of GPS/RFID Tracking and Smart Communication

One of the major concerns for school authorities and parents today is the safety and security of students while commuting to school as well as inside the school premises.

Asti Infotech’s Trakom software takes an important step in that direction. As the logo signifies, Trakom offers school bus tracking functionality along with smart communication feature and RFID tracking for students. While ensuring all-round student security, it also effectively bridges the communication gap between parents, mentors & students.

Trakom GPS tracking system is available both as Web App and Mobile App so that users can use it anytime, regardless of where they are. The web app is operated by school admin while the mobile app is for the mentors, parents and bus drivers.

Trakom for School Admin:

To ensure complete safety of the students, Trakom uses GPS based real-time vehicle tracking system, and employs RFID technology for tracking of students in and out of the bus.


  • The school bus tracking solution generates notifications for any unscheduled stops or unplanned move
  • Information about traffic jams or any emergency through real time vehicle tracking
  • Automated real-time monitoring of school buses with a single dashboard
  • Identify any suspicious scenario by tracking students while boarding/de-boarding their bus. In-transit attendance on each route

Trakom for Parents:

Our mobile GPS tracking solution keeps parents informed about the current location of their child in real time. The App sends timely notifications to parents about the scheduled routes, location of school buses as well as boarding and de-boarding information of their child.


  • The GPS tracking solution keeps you updated about whether the vehicle is running or stuck somewhere through real-time updates
  • Timely SMS or notifications about unscheduled route, start time and bus delays provide peace of mind for parents
  • Admin or concern person can be quickly informed about any suspicious event

Trakom for Drivers:

In case a new driver joins, this school bus tracking solution informs him about the existing routes and stoppages. The App also acts as a handy guide for alternate routes in case of contingencies.


  • In emergency, the vehicle can be re-routed with minimum diversions
  • Driver can generate emergency alert through bus tracker system 
  • All possible routes to a particular location can be viewed

Smart Communication App for Parents and Mentors

Trakom’s smart communication system serves as an effective communication link between parents and mentors/educators. The smart communication functionality allows bidirectional communication between parents and mentors. The teachers can share important newsfeeds, homework, documents, videos, and images with students.


  • The class attendance can be marked by teachers within the App and submitted directly.
  • Admin can broadcast all important notices through notice board.
  • In group chat mentors and students can directly communicate with each other.
  • Whenever any new homework is assigned, it will reflect in the homework section.
  • By viewing the calendar parents can get updates of holidays, weekly off and school events.

RFID Attendance Management

rakom incorporates another useful feature that enables automated attendance management as well tracking of students within the school premises.


  • The RFID tracking system saves time in taking attendance and improves accuracy.
  • Alerts school authorities in case students enter restricted areas, are missing from a class or in school after scheduled hours.
  • Parents also notified if their ward moves out of school premises before scheduled time.