Know How A Leading Transport Company Conquered Logistical Inefficiencies & Reduced Fleet Turnaround Time With VTMS

A renowned transport company has been working with us for over a few years. They have a significant presence in Delhi, Karnataka, North-East India, Gujrat, and a few other states.

But when the company approached, they were struggling with inadequate fleet management due to poor visibility of vehicle status, inaccurate delivery estimates, and inefficiency of the fleet managers and drivers.

But the senior manager of the company realized that to move ahead with the growing industry needs they must adopt better technology to streamline their operations.

This was when they got in touch with us. After understanding the issues, team Asti Infotech spent a few days analyzing what was causing the increased turnaround time and devised a tailor-made strategy.

Business Context

  • The transportation company struggled to align its daily activities and faced major delays.
  • They could not provide accurate information to customers regarding the estimated delivery time or any schedule change.
  • The lack of visibility and constant delays started affecting customer relationships.
  • Frequent idling and rash driving caused excessive fuel usage.
  • After realizing the issue, the senior manager of the company got in touch with us.
  • After a couple of meetings, they decided to opt for our Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring Solution (VTMS)
  • VTMS solved one of the company's major issues, which was the lack of visibility.
  • Soon after deploying VTMS, our client saw a 33% decrease in the fleet turnaround time.
  • That’s not it. The tool further helped them with better fleet management, reduced fuel or vehicle theft risk, and improved vehicle economy.

Challenges Faced by the Transport Company

Inefficient Fleet Management due to Lack of Visibility : Without real-time tracking and monitoring of fleet, the company struggled to manage its fleet of vehicles efficiently.

Lack of visibility into the location and status of each vehicle made it challenging to optimize routes, utilize resources effectively, prompt response to customer demands, and take immediate action during emergencies.

Inaccurate Delivery Estimates : Since they couldn’t access real-time fleet updates, it was difficult to provide accurate delivery estimates to customers. The lack of visibility into the location and progress of vehicles resulted in unreliable estimated arrival times, causing customer frustration and potential loss of business.

Inadequate Customer Service : Without automated vehicle tracking, the logistics company struggled to provide accurate and reliable information to customers regarding the estimated time of arrival, delays, or changes in schedules.

This led to dissatisfied customers who experienced long waiting times or received incorrect information about their shipments.

Ineffective Maintenance Planning :In the absence of an automated system like Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring Solution, it was hard to keep track of vehicle maintenance schedules, including oil changes and general inspections. The company also faced unexpected breakdowns and higher maintenance costs. Besides that, the fuel economy was drastically dropping, making the authorities ponder over the issue.

However, they could not find any solid solution without a proper tracking system.

Limited Security & Theft Prevention : Our client had limited security measures in place to protect their assets. It was hard to detect and prevent vehicle theft, unauthorized stops or deviations from routes, and other security risks.

Additionally, they had no means to monitor driver behavior. Hence, they were not aware of whether drivers were following traffic rules and other security precautions or not.

How VTMS Helped?

24X7 Fleet Visibility with Real-Time Tracking : After VTMS came into place, the company gained 24X7 real-time visibility into the location and status of each vehicle in their fleet on a comprehensive dashboard. This enabled them to monitor the progress of deliveries, identify any delays or deviations from planned routes, and proactively address issues.

By having accurate and up-to-date information, fleet managers could make informed decisions to optimize routes, reroute vehicles if necessary, and ensure efficient fleet utilization.

Route Optimization : VTMS provided data insights and analysis, which helped identify the most efficient routes for each delivery. The company optimized routes by leveraging historical data, traffic information, and other relevant factors to reduce travel time and distance. This led to faster deliveries, improved fleet efficiency, and reduced the turnaround time by 33%.

Efficient Resource Allocation : The software enabled the company to track and monitor the availability and location of their vehicles in real-time.

With this information, they effectively allocated resources based on customer demands and optimized load distribution. By ensuring the right vehicle is assigned to each task and minimizing empty trips, the company enhanced fleet utilization.

Better Vehicle Safety & Maintenance Planning :VTMS comes with multiple security and alert systems, such as idling alerts, stoppage alerts, inspection alerts, over-speeding alerts, fuel theft alerts, vehicle inspection alerts, etc.

The advanced alert and notifications systems for maintenance proactively address potential issues before they become major problems.

This helped the company minimize downtime, reduce the risk of breakdowns, and keep their vehicles in optimal condition, ultimately reducing fleet turnaround time.


Deployment of VTMS has helped the transport company conquer all logistical inefficiencies apart from reducing the fleet turnaround time. They have further expanded their services after implementing VTMS, and we are actively working on improving their services for maximum company growth.

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How can VTMS improve waste collection operations in municipal corporations?

VTMS revolutionizes waste collection operations by providing real-time tracking, optimized routing, improved fleet utilization, automated reporting, and advanced features. These enhancements lead to improved efficiency, cost savings, and a cleaner environment.

What are the main challenges faced by municipal corporations in waste management fleet operations?

The main challenges include a lack of visibility of the entire fleet in real-time, tedious trip planning, inefficient routing, poor fleet utilization, and manual reporting systems. These challenges result in inefficiencies, increased costs, and difficulties in ensuring timely maintenance.

How does VTMS address the challenge of lack of visibility in waste collection fleet management?

VTMS provides real-time visibility of waste collection vehicles, allowing municipal authorities to monitor their location, speed, and status in real-time. This enables better management, coordination, and decision-making for more efficient waste collection operations.

How does VTMS optimize routing and improve fuel savings in waste management fleets?

VTMS utilizes advanced routing algorithms to optimize collection routes, minimizing travel distances and reducing fuel consumption. By creating the most efficient routes, VTMS enables significant fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions.

How does VTMS contribute to safety and maintenance in waste management fleet operations?

VTMS enhances safety by providing timely alerts for over-speeding, idling, harsh braking, and other unsafe driving practices. It also facilitates maintenance scheduling, compliance issue resolution, and timely alerts, reducing vehicle breakdowns and ensuring smoother operations.

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