Our comprehensive verification suite for a seamless onboarding process for users and help the companies to grow faster. Our application can help companies by -

  • Reducing the onboarding process from the current 5-10 days to less than 5 minutes from remote locations immediately.
  • Diminish the cost of operations by up to 92% by eliminating field agent travel and documentation costs.
  • Conquer the Customer drop-offs by 25%.
  • Customer initiates the KYC Process on the web/ Mobile.
  • Live Video conversation.
  • AI-based assistance to official.
  • Ensuring correct documents are submitted & the quality of the Verification process is premium.
  • Real-time extraction of details from PAN and matching with official databases.
  • Encrypted Video conferencing & recording.
  • Aadhaar Masking.

Video Geo-tagging

  • Custom Geo-location and timestamp are embedded in the video. The location is checked to be within India as per regulation.

Document Verification

  • Image of customer holding PAN/Aadhaar is checked for clarity, and details are validated against NSDL/UIDAI database.

AI-Driven OCR

  • High accuracy OCR to read and match ID card information. All valid document formats supported.

AI-Driven Liveness

  • Real-time liveness checks to ensure the customer is present (no photo of a photo) and the real document is shown (no digital copy).

Secure Communication

  • Encrypted Video conferencing & recording through standard encryption techniques.

API Integration

  • Developer friendly products- Seamless Integration, Platform Independent. Instant API integration.

Compliant with Regulatory

We are compliant with the regulatory, below is the details -