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  • 1. What is Mshop live?

    Mshop live is a video shopping platform to connect the shopkeepers/suppliers with the customers in a virtual meeting place where the product could be showcased and deal finalized, with payment gateway integrated.

  • 2. Who can use Mshop live?

    Any kirana store, dukaan, supplier, wholesaler, retailer, exhibitionist can use the solution to connect with the customers seamlessly.

  • 3. How can customers connect to the shopkeepers?

    This is a video platform where you can connect with your customers easily via video calling. Supplier will have a login and the shop link which the customers can visit and connect.

  • 4. What if the shop keeper is busy on another call and other customer is trying to call?

    In this case the calling customer will get the message that he is in the queue and the token number will be given to him. Meanwhile the shop keeper can finish other calls. Token number will be updated and my number in the queue will be displayed to me. Once the queue is over the customer will be connected with the shop keeper.

  • 5. Can I make the payment as a customer?

    Yes the customer gets the option to make payment while being on call. The link will be shared with them for the amount and they can make the payment through various options.

  • 6. What all do I need to start my Mshop business?

    The complete process will hardly take 5 minutes. You can contact us ( to get your my shop id created which needs your business name and contact number.

  • 7. Do I need any extra hardware devices?

    You can start using the Mshop live from your mobile phone browser as well, in case you do not have a laptop. All you need is a laptop/mobile and internet connection.

  • 8. What if my call gets disconnected in between?

    In case you are on video call with the supplier or vice versa and the call gets disconnected due to poor network connection then it gets auto re-connected provided either party does not disconnect the call intentionally.

  • 9. How can I make the payment?

    The customers will get the link to make the payment once the order is finalised. They can click on the link and make the payment choosing credit card, debit card or UPI modes.

  • 10. What are the benefits of Mshop live?

    This solution helps you to revive your business by connecting virtually with your customers from remote places. It also allows them to enjoy store-like shopping from home while observing safety precautions against the pandemic. Live personalised shopping enhances customer satisfaction and boosts sales.

  • 11. Can I manage my order also via Mshop live?

    Yes, you can manage your orders as well via Mshop live. During your call with the customer, you can add order details and same will be available in ‘my supplier’ login as well.

  • 12. How can I promote my business via Mshop live?

    You can share the live shop link on your social media accounts for promotion so that more customers get to know about your business and get connected over Mshop.

  • 13. How easy is my Mshop link to remember by other?

    The link is always appended with your contact no or with the business name like given below or
    This gives your link a very personalised, human touch as well.

  • 14. What are the subscription plans and models?

    We have monthly & yearly subscriptions for various plans like Basic, Premium and Cluster plans. For more details visit our website

  • 15. Can Mshop app be used by customer as well?

    Yes, customers can download the same Mshop app and then go to “Connect to Supplier” on home page and then provide the link of the customer shop like “” or only Phone number and connect with the supplier.

  • 16. If I have made the online payment as customer will the supplier be able to know it?

    Yes, the supplier will be notified at the same time once you make the online payment. They get notification alerts and status is updated.

  • 17. In mall login, are the mall managers able to view the customer connection on each store?

    Yes, on the dashboard the daily or date range-based data can be fetched to check the customers calling on each of the mall stores.

  • 18. Can advertisements be posted by mall manager also?

    Yes, Mall manager can also update advertisements; either mall specific which are common for all or else store-wise also.

  • 19. Is there a consolidated page for showing all shops to customers?

    Yes, we have a link where the customer can click and check all the shops under the mall and on clicking specific shop name/icon it will redirect to respective shops.

  • 20. Is there any QR code available which customer can scan and redirect to mshop link?

    Yes, in the seller login in profile section the QR code is available which can be scanned by customer and it will directly take them to calling page to connect with the seller.

  • 21. Is there any provision for customers to book slots?

    Yes, customers can book slots also. The slots need to be created and published by the seller and based on that it will be visible to customers for booking.

  • 22. Can we make slot booking paid?

    Yes, configuration is available to make the slots paid. The charges can also be defined and changed as per need.

  • 23. Chat facility is there?

    Yes, chat option is also available. We can provide a chat option on the website where if any customer drops a query he will be connected to the logged-in agent on Mshop and then customer can initiate call from there as well.

  • 24. Will the manager have a record of complete history?

    Yes, managers have access to the entire chat history and other details on their login.

  • 25. Can seller send SMS for the payment option on customer's mobile number?

    No, the reason for this is that no one will trust it when an SMS asks you to make a payment. Sometimes SMS is delayed by a minute or two so the customer will not be sure whether it is genuine or fraudulent. Mshop, on the other hand, presents a reliable feature that solves this problem by allowing payment pop-up message during video call between the customer and seller. Thus, the customer is assured that it is sent from the seller or shopkeeper, thereby eliminating any chances of fraud or mis-communication.

  • 26. Can I see logs of a specific user regarding the number of orders he has taken?

    Yes, it is possible. Let's take an example, if there are 2 sales persons in a shop to receive orders/calls then both have a personal login account. They can see in their account how many orders they have taken. Also, the shop owner can check these details in their account. Thus, individual performance can be mapped.

  • 27. Is there any option to share the payment receipt/invoice?

    Yes, the payment receipt can be sent through the chat facility. When the customer connects with the shopkeeper on call, a chat option will also be available where the shopkeeper can send invoice/receipt/PDF, also pictures, etc. which the customer can download.

  • 28. Is there any template available for advertisement?

    No, the shopkeepers can add their own images. And the same will be visible to customers. Supplier can add the advertisement visibility dates, placing and priority. Even a link can be attached on images. So, on clicking any advertisement it will redirect to the respective link of any website.

  • 29. Can we add video for advertisement?

    No, till now this type of service is not available but, in the future, it can be done.

  • 30. How many ways are available on Mshop for customers to connect with suppliers?

    The customer has three ways to touch base with the shopkeeper:

    • First is the shop live link –{shop name}
    • Second is through an option to schedule appointment with seller.
    • Third is the video order feature wherein customer can record and send his order.

  • 31. When the customer books an order through video order, how will the shopkeeper know the customer's location?

    When customer books an order by using a video order facility, at that time the customer will receive a popup message to allow location access. If the customer consents, then Mshop will automatically fetch customer address and update it along with the video order in the shopkeeper account.

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