• 1. How do I register?

    To register for our DialTM trial version, you can go to our website https://dialtm.in/Home and then click on Join/Host meeting; you will then be directed to the login page. Click on register button and fill in your name, email, mobile number and set your password. After this, you can login using your mail id as username, with the password you have given during registration.

  • 2. After login, how can I schedule my meeting?

    For scheduling your meeting, first add your organization details by clicking on + icon in the ‘About’ section. Enter your name, email, contact, country, address, state, city and type of Industry. Now your organisation code (‘orgcode’) is generated and you can go to ‘levels’ and add levels to give a naming convention to your meeting names. Then add any topic name by clicking on the topic and then + icon. Now you can set your meetings by clicking on ‘create meeting’ icon on top right side.

  • 3. How can I schedule a recurring meeting?

    To schedule a recurring meeting, click on the topic name and then on ‘create meeting’ icon on meeting page. Now in the ‘type of meeting’ drop-down you can select the type as Daily, Day basis (any specific day of the week) and Monthly meeting. This will help you to schedule recurring meetings in one step.

  • 4. How to start an instant meeting?

    Just after login, you can click on the “Start new meeting” button and can share the code or click on “copy URL” option to share the meeting invite with others via e-mail or any other medium.

  • 5. How to join meeting?

    Click on “Join Meeting” button on the top of the landing page after login. Now you can enter the meeting code in the text box and click on ‘join’.

  • 6. How can I invite guests on my online meeting?

    If you have already started the meeting then you can click on the “i” icon at the bottom, click on copy link and share with others via mail etc. If you want to share the meeting link of a scheduled meeting (in the future), then you can click on the calendar and then the “view” option against the meeting name. There on the top you will see the ‘share’ icon before call icon. You can click on it and the link will be copied. This can be shared with others whom you want to invite as guests.

  • 7. How can I set password to my meetings?

    To set the password, you can start the meeting before others join and then click on “i” icon and click on “Add Password” option and type your password. And click on enter button. Now the password is set and those who want to join the meeting now need this password to join.

  • 8. How can I join from my mobile browser?

    To join the meeting from your mobile browser, click on the link you have with you to join the meeting or you can copy the link and paste in your browser. You will be able to see the option to add your name and click on ‘OK’ button. In case you are not able to see the OK button please use the landscape mode in your device and then use. Now you are connected to your meeting.

  • 9. I cannot hear anything after joining the meeting. Why?

    In such cases, first please check if your speaker is off in your laptop or your mobile speaker volume is turned on or not. If after this also you are not able to hear then try connecting with other speakers.

  • 10. I can hear them but other participants can’t hear me, what should I do?

    In such cases, please check whether your microphone is enabled or not. You can check this on the centre before the call button; the microphone should be enabled. Now you can check if microphone permissions have been granted to DialTM or not in settings, and then hardware and check micro phone access allowed. On top, next to URL there is a camera icon - you can also click there and check if microphone is allowed or not.

  • 11. How can I kick out unruly participants from my meeting room?

    To block or kick out anyone from the meeting room, go to Tile view and click on the setting option on the participants tile view (the three dots). There you can see the kick out option. If you click it and confirm, the person is removed from the meeting.

  • 12. How can I ensure that others join the call in muted and hidden mode?

    For this, once the call starts click on the three dots on right side and click on ‘settings’. Now click on “More” tab; there you can enable ‘everyone starts muted’ and ‘everyone starts hidden’.

  • 13. How can I send private messages to any participant?

    To send a private message to any participant, go to tile view and click on the setting option on the participants tile view (the three dots). There you can see the send private message option. Click on it and the message will be sent to that participant only; others can’t view it.

  • 14. I hear echo during my online meeting.

    In such cases you need to check few things as follows:
    • Check your earphones: if plugged then unplug and plug them again.
    • If you are not using the earphones then use one and check.
    • Ensure no other user is sitting in the same room who is on the same online meeting and is on speaker. Ask them to mute and use earphones.

  • 15. How do I ensure that there is no disturbance from my side on the online meeting?

    To ensure this please keep your microphone muted unless you want to speak something. If you want to speak something, then only un-mute it and then mute it back. This will ensure that the background noise from your side doesn’t come in the online conference.

  • 16. How do I start recording the session?

    If you have the licensed version of DialTM and you have taken the recording services then on the online meeting page only in settings you can see the ‘Start Recording’ button. Click on it and it will start. Before ending the session, you can click on ‘Stop Recording’ button to stop the recording.

  • 17. How can I share my screen on the meeting?

    To share the screen, click on the screen icon on the left most side of your screen at the bottom, then a popup will appear. There you can select the application window or the chrome tabs. If you choose to select the entire screen then click on the screen and then share button but please be aware that in this case any window you open on your laptop will be visible to all the participants. So, choose the shared screens wisely.

  • 18. I want to use my mobile for meeting; is there any app available for the same?

    Yes, we do have our android and iOS app available for the same. You can download the same from the play store or app store respectively or from the link given below:
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.astiinfo.dialtm&hl=en_IN
    iOS: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/dialtm/id1519217601

  • 19. Why do I get disconnected from my meetings?

    This may happen due to your internet connection. If your internet is fluctuating in between then you will be disconnected but will re-join. Please ensure a proper internet connection during your online meeting to have hassle free meetings.

  • 20. I have forgotten my password, how can I recover it?

    To reset your password, you can go to login page and click on reset password and enter the registered email id. You will receive the email on the same mail id to reset your password by clicking on the link.

  • 21. When I join the meeting, on the screen i can see the message as “Waiting for the host”, what shall I do?

    In such cases, you have to wait for the host to join the meeting so that it could be started. If you are the host then you have to login into your account and then start the meeting from the call icon. Then you will be recognised as the host and everyone will be connected.

  • 22. How does it work in my safari browser in iPhone?

    iPhone 11 supports the Video Conferencing through WebRTC seamlessly.

  • 23. Can I connect via my mobile also?

    Whether you are at your desk or on-the-go, you shall always have a flawless video conferencing experience. DialTM offers the end users with leading compatibility to ensure frictionless video conferencing regardless of the desktop Operating System (Windows, macOS), browser (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Chromium, Safari (13.1.1 and above)), mobile devices (android, iOS); DialTM could be used on any of these platforms.

  • 24. What is the Support mechanism for DialTM?

    24*7 on-call support.

  • 25. Can we live stream our conference/webinar via DialTM?

    Yes, DialTM offers live streaming facility for the paid plan users where the users can view the complete live session flawlessly.

  • 26. Can we do Webcasting from DialTM?

    Yes, DialTM offers the webcasting facility as well, where the recorded sessions can be played again and the link can be shared with the users to view as a part of Video-on-Demand.

  • 27. Can we create scheduling link?

    Yes, scheduling links can be created wherein the user can create the link that can be shared for the rest to book an available meeting slot with them.

  • 28. Can we make slot booking paid?

    Yes, configuration is available to make the slots paid also and the amount can also be defined and changed as per need.

  • 29. Can Webinars be conducted?

    Yes, webinars can be scheduled where we have options like paid or free webinar. In case of paid, the amount can be accpeted in USD or INR and the respective payment gateway will open up.

  • 30. Does DialTM provide force mute or video facility?

    Yes, the host has the access rights to enable or disable the camera or microphone of any user forcefully on this platform.

  • 31. Can quiz or polls be created?

    Yes, on DialTM there are options available for both quiz and poll. User can create the questions and those can be reused as well.

  • 32. What is the difference between poll and quiz?

    Poll answers will be anonymous but quiz answers would show who submitted what. Poll questions don’t have a correct answer but in quiz questions we need to give correct answer while creating.

  • 33. For how long will the meeting recording be available on our login?

    The recording link will be available until it's deleted from the server.

  • 34. Can we get all the record of chats and participants for past meetings?

    Yes, on the host login in history tab all the data is available against all the meetings.

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