We are proud to announce that Asti's Video KYC & Digital Onboarding Solution has been listed among the Top 30 Innovative Products by the eminent jury of Technoviti 2021 Awards powered by Banking Frontiers in partnership with Ernst & Young. The selection was made after rating the companies across five important criteria of the stringent evaluation matrix that included Business Impact, Market Potential, Solution Exclusivity, Future Roadmap & Scalability. We are elated with this recognition by the FinTech community and proud to be a part of this list that includes the best innovations in the BFSI and financial technology sector.

About Asti Infotech

Asti Infotech is a Bangalore-based SaaS product company run by IIT/IIM alumni who are passionate about using technology to solve real problems of their customers in this ever-transforming world. Fueled by futuristic ideas and driven by the passion to create solutions that make sense, we strive to transform businesses one solution at a time. Our team is committed to elevate client experience and simplify the lives of our customers by using the power of cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking ideas. We employ latest technologies like GPS, RFID, AI, ML, NFC and Bluetooth to keep you ahead in this new world driven by technological power. Our smart video-based solutions allow our clients to replicate the impact of personalized interactions through video conferencing, e-customer identification and live video shopping. Smarter, Safer, Simpler cost-effective technology solutions for challenging problems is what sets us apart. We dream of a ‘digital’ world that never loses its ‘human’ touch!

About Banking Frontiers

Banking Frontiers has been relentlessly working since 2002 as a medium providing the latest and the crucial information on the BFSI sector by way of researched articles, opinions, analyses and news happenings. Today, their focus has enlarged from technology to the entire spectrum of banking and financial services – capturing for the readers what is happening and what is expected to happen in the sector – in short the essence of the industry bringing together the issues and concerns that it faces and the views and experiences of the leaders. The Technoviti Awards by Banking Frontiers recognise the most promising companies that are revolutionizing the FinTech realm with ground-breaking innovations.

About Video KYC

In a world shaken up by the pandemic, the FinTech sector has sought the help of technological innovations to restore normalcy to business operations. The AI-driven Video KYC solution by Asti Infotech ensures hassle-free KYC from anywhere, digitally. The solution reduces the time to complete KYC process by 80-90%, brings down KYC and on boarding cost by 90-92 % and effectively eliminates identity frauds. The transparent and efficient process ensures enhanced client satisfaction. It is the one-stop solution to tackle all customer Identification & KYC verification issues of BFSI, NBFC, Telecom and myriad other sectors. Check out more details about this powerful verification suite here Video KYC | Video Customer Identification process (VCIP) | Asti’s Smart, Reliable and Safe Solution