Imprint: The Smart Sales Force Management Tool

One of the greatest challenges faced by most companies today is efficient tracking and effective management of their sales team. As they are always on the move, it becomes quite difficult to keep a track of their work & their location. Asti Infotech’s IMPRINT is a comprehensive sales force tracking solution, which can be used by managers to constantly monitor their sales executives in real time. It can greatly help in improving productivity & boosting performance at a very low cost.

Imprint is amongst the top sales force management solutions in the market, as it is available as a mobile app along with web app. Sales force GPS tracking web app has been developed for the use of managers while the mobile app is for the sales agents. Both applications are interlinked so that the managers as well as agents get timely notifications about any new updates.

Interested to know more about sales force tracking system?

Salesforce Tracking Solution for Manager

Sales force automation app simplifies the management of the sales team. Manager can keep track of each and every activity of the sales group by sitting at one place through the sales force management dashboard.

Why this App is helpful?

  • The location tracking feature supported by the sales force management app enables the admin to view the exact location of sales agents in the map
  • With ‘appointment’ feature manager can view as well as fix appointment for the agents
  • The ‘timesheet management’ feature auto-updates employees’ login and logout time, which reduces the chances of ambiguity
  • With ‘trip distance calculator’ managers can easily calculate the distance travelled by agents to visit the client’s place, which is helpful for accurate reimbursement calculation

Sales Force Management for Agents

Sales force management app helps the agents to keep their managers informed about all their activities like starting time of trip, distance travelled, trip expense, timesheet, and call logs.

Why this App is helpful?

  • It allows the agent to schedule an appointment; after submission of the request both manager and agent will get notifications
  • The agents can also add minutes of meeting in the ‘add description’ part
  • At the time of starting the trip to the client’s place, agent needs to tap on the ‘start trip’ option and ‘end trip’ when he is back. This ensures accurate calculation of the distance travelled by the agent
  • Reimbursement calculator allows the agent to upload pictures of bills for the expenses done during the meeting. The uploaded photo will be directly delivered to the manager for approval & reimbursement calculation

Imprint Benefits

  • Proper management of sales team doing field work
  • Complete tracking of all the trips made by agents
  • Manage timesheet without any ambiguities
  • Analyze the performance of each and every sales person
  • Improve the productivity as well as efficiency of your sales group
  • Analysis and report generation for future reference