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The Best Field-Force Performance & Productivity Management Solution

Imprint: The Smart Sales Force Management Tool

We offer the Best Field-Force Performance & Productivity Management Solution which helps to manage and monitor the sales agents in real-time. Their locations, meeting progress, track performance, closures and a lot more can be bred with a single sales tracker software, Imprint.

What is Imprint?

One of the supreme challenges faced by most companies these days is the efficient tracking and effective management of their sales team. As they are always on the move, it becomes quite difficult to keep track of their work & their location. For a business, that looks forward to meet its best conversion ratio and manage its sales efficiently, here is the best upshot. Salesforce tracking and management software allows your sales team to be organised and stock up your sales.

Asti Infotech understands these challenges faced by companies and sales agents. We provide a powerful product, IMPRINT, a comprehensive sales force tracking solution, which can be used by managers to constantly take a dekko at their sales executives in real-time and also the sales agents to update their activities to managers. Our tracking solution can greatly help in improving productivity & performance boosting at a very low cost. The companies can eliminate paperwork, as imprint is completely digitalized thereby saving money and time. The best mobile tracker app in India aids automation which simplifies the workflow and maximizes the ROI.

The field force tracking software works on the Internet of Things and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. GPS tracking technology, helps managers to track and analyse the performance of the employee and gives an instantaneous insight into the employee’s work. Managers can have accurate reports indicating how long each employee is on the field, at the client’s place and their route.

We use SaaS (Software as a Service) which is a software distribution model hosted on the Cloud. That means the software and data are hosted on servers (own servers or third-party servers), rather than on the internal memory of the computer. It can be used at any given time, i.e. we can access our program and data absolutely from any device having an internet connection.

One of the recent advancements in the technology industry is where the software is provided online and hosted on a remote server for which users pay the rent to use the software for a specified time period. Imprint is one among our products which works on SaaS model. A great advantage of this is, salesperson tracking app can be used as an individual product for Field Force monitoring or can be easily integrated with any existing SaaS product by sharing the data through an API.

Features of Imprint

Imprint is the finest tracking apps in India. It’s unique features and easy to use interface makes it outstanding from other salesman tracking apps. Imprint incorporates manager and sales agent apps. We have developed both web app and mobile app (iOS and android) for better and centralised coordination of the managers with sales staff. Salesforce GPS tracking has a web app which has been developed for the use of managers while the mobile app is for the sales agents. Both applications are interlinked so that the managers as well as agents get timely notifications about any new updates.

  • Imprint users - HR, Super manager, Manager, and Employees
    • The HR portal is the master portal which helps you configure the software.
    • Super manager and Manager can track the employees through the web portal.
    • Employees can use the imprint mobile application for updating their day-to-day activities to their managers.
  • Realtime location of the field force at the field using GPS tracking technology helps in validating visits and punctuality of the field force.
  • Marking attendance of the field staff becomes easy for the managers when they login to the field force tracking app, Imprint.
  • Managers can efficiently track and manage multiple sales staff on the field with a single dashboard.
  • With the field force tracking system managers can view the route map of sales agents & calculate the distance travelled. They can even have a track of clients visited, meeting details and forms submitted by the sales agents.
  • Reimbursement calculation has been made easy for the managers with the distance travelled, and other expenses attached by the staff.
  • Timesheet helps the managers to know the working hours of employees and maintain the reports.
  • Alerts and notifications to the admin when employees fix appointments or raise reimbursement requests.
  • Employees can add / upload images of their expenses like fuel bill and other bills through this app conveniently.
  • Our latest feature, forms, is a dynamic platform which is created by HR. Managers can assign jobs to the employee by attaching the forms.
  • Business card allows employees to scan and store the business cards of the customers/company in the database and retrieve it later.
  • Offline access is available for the appointments, jobs, job types, trips and forms which can be created when moving offline and the details are automatically updated on the portal when connected to the internet.

Imprint for Managers

Salesforce automation app simplifies the governance of the sales team. The manager can pile a track of every activity in the sales group from his/her desk through the sales force management dashboard. The field force tracking app helps the sales managers in guiding their sales agents to be more productive and eff

Why is this app helpful for sales managers?

  • Manager gets the attendance details in real-time and the location tracking feature supported by the sales force management app enables admin to view the exact location of the sales agents on the map.
  • On a single dashboard, admin can view and track the total reportees, employees, total appointments, maps, employee list, total pending approvals, alerts, and notifications. It helps admin to make informed decisions to keep both your clients and your team happy.
  • The ‘timesheet management’ feature auto-updates employees’ login and logout time, which reduces the chances of ambiguity.
  • The manager can get the trip details of sales employees and easily calculate the distance travelled by the agents to the client’s place with the ‘trip distance calculator’.
  • Distance travelled and other attachments done online by the employees help in the reimbursement calculation. Manager can access these records and can approve/disapprove the claim.
  • Managers can easily view the list of sales agents and customers with the field sales software.
  • Business card is a very new feature added to Imprint, where employees can scan and store as many business cards which can be viewed by the admin.
  • The employer can directly assign appointments to their employees without wasting any time. Admin can access these features when offline and it will be sent to the agents automatically when connected to the internet. Managers can schedule or assign.
    • Appointments – managers can schedule appointments for the sales agents and the same can be viewed on the calendar.
    • Job work – Managers can create jobs and job type and assign it to the field types. A particular form can be assigned for an employee.
    • Forms – A dynamic feature that is created by the HR. Manager can see the form details in the web app and assign it to the employees.
  • Admin can view the client visit made by the field staff and learn about the meeting details.
  • With the report details, managers can,
    • view and export daily activity summary of the employees which includes, appointment status, distance travelled, reimbursement claimed etc.
    • know the details of the mobile used by the employee.
    • Monitoring employees in real-time with the help of maps under daily location.
    • view and export the details of forms submitted by the sales force.

    Imprint for Sales agents

    Field employee tracking software helps the agents to keep their managers informed about all their daily activities like starting time of trip, distance travelled, trip expense, timesheet, call logs, expenses and a lot more. A transparent platform where the employee can communicate with their managers and work efficiently with the sales staff tracking app.

    Why is this App helpful for sales agents?

    • Field staff can mark their attendance automatically with the mobile app, hence saving cost and time.
    • The timesheets give a complete record of the attendance of employee for the current and previous month.
    • Sales tracking application allows the agents to schedule an appointment; after submission of the request both manager and agent will get notifications.
    • Agents can easily start and end the trip when going for a meeting. ‘Add MoM’ (Minutes of Meeting) feature allows the field staffs to add meeting details as a text or audio. The audio description will be automatically converted and saved as a text.
    • Reimbursement calculator allows the agent to upload pictures of bills for the expenses done during the meeting. The uploaded photo will be directly delivered to the manager for approval & reimbursement calculation.
    • Business card is a very new feature added to Imprint, where employees can scan as many business cards and store the details in the database. It can be added as a general database or a business card.
    • Forms, which can be customised by the sales staff, enables them to collect real-time data on their smartphones. There is an option for the field executives to select a suitable form according to their work.
    • Trip feature allows agents to start the trip which can be monitored by the managers and Trip history gives the complete history of the trips travelled. This advanced feature assists admin to calculate the total distance travelled by the agent and get instantly updated on the meeting info.
    • Client visit module displays the list of clients within that area through the Geo fencing technique, which helps agents to work proficiently as it’s a huge time saver.


    Managing a huge field force can be cumbersome. The main aspect of a manager is to have an eye on their salesforce and to guide them to be more competent. Implementing a real-time employee tracking system is the best formula for companies to monitor their field sales agents and build a connected ecosystem.

    Our tracking technology has been recognized by the “Global IT Commune (GIC) and Talent2Success”. We are proud to be broadcasted as the winners of the prestigious “GIC Innovation award for tracking technology solutions.”


    • 1. How to track your sales team in real-time?
    • You can track your sales agents in real-time with the real-time mobile location tracker, Imprint. The GPS tracking app for employees provides insight about the live location of your salesforce, their meetings, and closures.

    • 2. What is Imprint?
    • It is a field staff /executives’ performance monitoring tool, which will help you to schedule, manage, track and analyze field operations in real time and reduce the manual efforts.

    • 3. Which is the best attendance app for sales agents?
    • Imprint, is the best app for tracking attendance which automatically marks the attendance of employees when they login to their mobile app.

    • 4. How does field force tracking software benefit?
    • A Salesforce GPS tracking software benefits organisation in many ways. Field force management app maximizes the transparency, boosts efficiency, creates trust among businesses & sales agents, minimizes costs and improves your brand building.

    • 5. Which department within an organization would employee tracking app be useful for?
    • It is flexible and can be used by any department that has a mobility requirement of staff.

    • 6. Can we raise a query against reimbursement?
    • Yes, you can initiate a query on the reimbursement slips uploaded by the staff.

    • 7. What if our executive uninstalls the employee tracking app or switch off the GPS or the internet?
    • If the internet is off the Imprint app will not work but location can be tracked. If the GPS is turned off, the application would not work as it’s a must to measure the distance travelled.

    • 8. Which mobile devices do you support for the IMPRINT?
    • Currently, we offer two versions - Android and iPhone. All our products are compatible with mobile screens of different sizes.

    • 9. Is it safe to use an online web field force management system?
    • We keep your data private. No individual can view your data without an authentic ID and password. We take advanced security measures like SSL and have reinforced the firewall's protection.

    • 10. Do I have to buy a server to install Imprint?
    • No, Imprint is a SaaS (Software as a service) solution. It will be hosted at our end; you can access it from any computer or tablet that has internet access.


Available on Android and iOS

Sales force automation app simplifies the management of the sales team. Manager can keep track of each and every activity of the sales group by sitting at one place through the sales force management dashboard.

  • Salesforce Tracking Solution for Manager
  • Sales Force Management for Agents


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